I'm Uche but friends call me Tope and that's because I have a Yoruba mom and an Ibo dad, hence the name of the blog, Ibogirlliving.

I used to have a brother but he passed away from complications of Sickle Cell and I used to be married but it was to the wrong man. I started this blog as my own personal coping mechanism to deal with the loss of my brother and the breakdown of my marriage but then it has gradually become about slightly more than that. I use this platform to speak to women like me who are approaching life in their 40s but still have not quite figured things out so they know that they don't need to have all the answers no matter what age they are.

I hope you continue to follow me as I document all of my experiences, struggles and triumphs as a now 39 year old woman living under very new and uncomfortable circumstances but who remains optimistic about the future.

 I also enjoy makeup and fashion so you will be seeing some of that as well and how I hope it reflects the woman I am transitioning into. Feel free to check me out on my socials, maybe you will like what you see and decide to follow but if not, check em out anyways 😜

Instagram: @ibogirlliving

Pinterest: Uche Akwada

Twitter: @Tope61251937


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