I was privileged to write a piece for fellow blogger and passionate advocate for women empowering and supporting other women, Mrs Biodun Da-Silva. She is the founder and creator of the blog When Women Arise and on her platform, she provides other women the opportunity to write articles on any subject matter they are passionate about. She also shares her insights on Enterpreneurship and is the owner of the growing African fashion label, Masidas Clothings.

She is a mother and wife, has a day job in the banking industry and is just another example of a strong, working woman who is proving that women can do it all.

Feel free to visit her blog here and enjoy her other articles and also see the piece I wrote for the blog below:


You can follow Mrs Da-Silva on her instagram handle: @odundasilva or her clothing handle @masidasclothings

I hope to be able to do more freelance writing for blogs and platforms so if there are any opportunities available that you know of, please share as I am trying to seriously get better at copywriting and writing in general.

Always Loveđź’–


  1. Wow! I open the ibogirlwrite and the first thing I saw is ME! This is a surprise, thank you so much sis.

  2. Thank you for allowing me write for your blog!! I enjoyed it...Cheers to more!!


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