Thursday, April 26, 2018


This is going to be a new series on the blog that focuses on us 30 something year olds who are still trying to figure it all out. First, let me say that it is perfectly fine if you are in your 30s and still haven't got a clue what direction your life is going, why it seems like you are moving at a slower pace than everyone else or why nothing appears to be working for you the way you had planned. A lot of the time it feels as though I am perpetually late to everything; from getting on social media to being a 'girl boss'. Its been tough trying to find myself in this maze of madness called life and even tougher to connect with people who feel my pain or even understand what I'm really going through. Many days it just feels like I do the same exact things day in and day out and that has gotten to be frustrating over the years. Every time it seemed like I was taking a step forward, I would in reality be taking two steps back. Who do we blame? Our parents? Our environment? God? Many of us feel like failures (for lack of a better term) and often times there is the attendant feeling of shame that comes with admitting that to ourselves.

This series is geared towards building a community of friends that still feel lost despite the fact that the world tells us we should have it all together by now. We will navigate these waters together and while I am still battling some of my own demons, I know for a fact that I have come a long way from where I once was. We all have our stories and carrying baggage nobody knows about. This is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE where we can talk to one another about the things we deal with on a regular basis and all we are doing to rise above and finally be on the road to mental, emotional, physical and financial success. This will be a weekly Thursday get together so we can talk/share as we begin to engage in positive practices that help us feel and do better.

With that being said, all of us need to have a truly healthy, authentic SELF IMAGE and feel whole with our lives even if we still have things we are working through. It helps to have something you naturally gravitate to on the days you feel low. It could be anything from listening to your favourite 'pick me up' song, to positive affirmation to prayer. For me, I have a bunch of those on hand whenever my mood shifts to that point where I start to feel unaccomplished or frustrated. One of my favourite 'pick me up' songs is CHAMPION by Carrie Underwood (this year's super bowl theme song) and one of the positive affirmations I say is " I CAN'T LET A PAST PULL ME BACK FROM A FUTURE THAT'S TRYING TO PULL ME FORWARD". I have a board on my Pinterest: that I visit daily to get me in the right head space to face my day. I say this over and over while listening to Carrie and by the time the song is over, I snap out of that funk. It's important guys..let's not feel any less than we are because we live in a world that makes us feel insignificant because we don't make 6 figures or wear designer pieces or can't afford to travel the world or look like whichever super model is the new IT girl. YOU are ENOUGH and it is high time we all start believing that because it's not just true but it's FACTS.

Love Always

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