Thursday, April 19, 2018


  As you may already know, I do freelance book editing on the side and have to meet with my client at least 2 times a week to plan and go over any details for the book's re-print and re-launch we are planning in the summer. This was the outfit I chose to rock on Wednesday and it is a lovely polka dot maxi number I scooped up from Shein. Everyone has probably heard of this very affordable Asian brand that has good quality pieces for amazing prices. I've picked up quite a few items from them and I must tell you that I am impressed each time my order arrives. Any one who knows me, knows that I live for a cute maxi dress and this was the perfect piece to wear for a mid-week work day.

I wanted my make up and accessories to be a bit more colorful so I went for red, pink and gold hues to complement the semi serious nature of the outfit. It gave the look the vibrancy it needed. I also paired the dress with simple black flats, a black bag (not pictured) and I was good to go.

A maxi dress is what I would typically reach for when I don't particularly want to think too hard about what to wear; its easy, its breezy and looks good on any body size because it hides a multitude of sins. If the dress has pockets like this one does, I'm sold and it will absolutely be one that is on constant repeat for the days when I want to look cute without doing too much. Lord only knows how many maxi pieces I currently own and still would think they were going out of fashion. To me, maxi dresses are classics and can be worn in any season if properly accessorized.

The pony tail is just a simple extension piece I picked up from my local beauty supply store for less than $10. I think it pulled the look together quite nicely.

Hope you like it...

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and if you haven't already noticed, I put up posts now on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. This is currently the schedule that works for me. Enjoy the rest of your week guys and chat to you again on Saturday.

Love Always

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