Saturday, April 21, 2018


Perhaps I should quickly put in a disclaimer here and say that I am in no way shape or form suggesting that anyone give up using their favourite makeup products or skip certain makeup steps you are accustomed to doing and that work for your features. I am only saying that there are some procedures I personally find unnecessary when I do my makeup and so do not invest in products that I simply do not use. I love makeup as much as the next girl and I think that was evident in my last post, I enjoy getting glam'd up and cute even though my current makeup collection could still use some amping up. There's just some products I can't bring myself to buy simply because they will never make an appearance on my face for any reason. Feel free to disagree with me but below is my personal list of products/procedures I do not use or see the need for.

 1. Highlighter/Highlighting: You hear makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts saying things like "glowing to the gods" or "that highlighter be popping" whenever they pack this stuff on and maybe I skip this step because I haven't found a highlighter I like or one that makes a striking difference to my looks but at the moment, it's just another step I don't see the need for.

2. Blush: I don't find them flattering on my face personally and so I have never invested in them. I tried to see what all the fuss was about recently by buying one from Elf but I ended up never really using it and I just can't justify spending $20 - $50 on high end blushes because the truth is, I won't use them

3. Cream/Reverse Contouring: I find that I personally don't like using so many cream products on my face especially because I have problematic skin and I don't want too many things seeping into my pores. Having said that, I do see the difference a good contour makes to the face so I use a powder contour instead and it does the exact same thing. Looking like a carved turkey is not flattering to me and so that whole reverse contour thing is not for me.

4. Bronzers/Bronzing: Isn't this the same thing as contouring? Why am I doing the same thing twice? Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about really but this is a step I find unnecessary.


5. Multiple Eye Shadow Applications: Realistically, who has time to apply 6 or 7 different eye shadow colours? With the amount of time one has to spend just blending alone, I'm expected to do that 6 times over? No thanks. As far as I'm concerned, the most I am willing and able to do is 3 or 4, there's just not enough time in my day where I care to apply eye shadow more than 4 times.

I used to be that girl that felt like I needed every single makeup product I saw my favourite beauty influencers use but I quickly realized I was going broke buying stuff I wasn't using. We all don't look alike and so just because I don't use a product or certain procedure while doing my personal routine does not mean the same should apply to you. These are my own personal opinions and I find that I still look perfectly fine when I apply my makeup without all these extra layers.

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this so if you would like to share what steps you skip or employ in your makeup routine, I'm interested to hear. Maybe you can somehow convince me to include one of the above steps in my routine...although I strongly doubt it..sorry!!

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  1. I purge most of the stuff tat I get and dont use, hence why I try out samolsa 1st before i actually buy anything. But I agree, one needs to know one limits

    1. Exactly Toyosi. I feel like a lot of us girls are just out here buying a bunch of stuff we're not even gonna use because the ads and influencers tell us we just gotta have Thanks for sharing your thoughts..