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 Unlike my 30 something & still figuring it out series, Ibogirl Talks is just me ranting and rambling on about different things I like to do, eat, watch, wear, think about...whatever...and share them with you. Today as you can tell by the topic, I absolutely love WWE. I started watching wrestling years ago as a kid and some of my favourite wrestlers were The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Yokozuna, Razor Ramon, Bret & Owen Hart to mention a few. I didn't really pay attention to the female wrestlers so I don't even recall who was on the roster then but of course now I know names like Lita and Trish Stratus.


I was re-introduced to my love for the sport entertainment recently and I've got to say that I'm  more than heavily invested in the storylines as much as the superstars. The Bella Twins were at the top of their game when I started watching again and Paige was my favourite British bad-ass who was at the time feuding wih A.J Lee. I watch Monday Night RAW and Smackdown religiously every week and quite frankly annoy my mother with how seriously I take it and how I somehow have managed to initiate my sister into this obsession.


 If there are any wrestling fanatics among my readers, please I need to understand why you have all suddenly turned against my boo, Roman Reigns. We loved him wen he was part of The Shield ( the dominant tag team trio that comprises Roman and 2 of my other major crushes, Seth Rollins and everyone's favourite lunatic fringe, Dean Ambrose). I love how superstars from NXT also make the main roster during the superstar shakeup BUT think that RAW usually gets the crowd favourites while Smackdown gets only a handful of talent that the people really and truly want to see. I was thrilled though when Asuka ( the Empress of Tomorrow) got traded to Smackdown in the recent shakeup and we also got bad tempered Samoa Joe. RAW still has better superstars with everybody from Braun Strowman ( another object of my affection), Finn Balor and my girls, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss, who by the way cuts some of the best promos and is amazing on the mic. After Ember Moon and Rowdy Ronda Rowsy came on board, it was official that the Monday night show would dominate over Tuesday.

                                                                                                Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of the guys on Smackdown from A.J Styles ( who I happen to think looks like my brother-in-law), Rusev, The Bar, The Usos and Daniel Bryan. Between the Nikki Bella and John Cena drama, Brie Bella still in mommy mode and not yet back to full 'Brie Mode' Smackdown still entertains every Tuesday. All the pay-per-views are great, the most recent one being Money In The Bank and the upcoming Xtreme Rules and Summerslam.

WWE shows make me truly happy and while I do watch every week and have some merchandise, I'm not completely fanatical. I would still love to go see a live show and am eagerly anticipating when I will be able to get the chance to. Getting a good front seat ( which is the only way to watch a live show in my opinion) doesn't come cheap but I will treat myself to it very soon. I may need to also chat with the writers that come up with some of these storylines and have them re-think a few of them (LOL). The Shield needs to be back together dominating, Braun Strowman needs to be Universal Champion already with some evenly matched competition and while we're at it, can we just have a couple-feud storylines. Afterall, we do have a few married and unmarried couples within the WWE so that would be fun to see. I have downloaded almost all of the theme music of the superstars and sometimes I enjoy listening to the songs a bit more than the actual wrestling although nothing beats the action.

Okay so that was my incredibly long rant on my love for the sport entertainment show so if you've got links, hook a sis up with some tickets. Tell Strowman I'm crushing on him majorly and Dean Ambrose needs to hurry the hell up and get back to entertaining me!

Love Always

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