Thursday, June 21, 2018


Just to be clear, I believe we should live our best lives no matter how old we are or what decade of our lives we're currently in but our 30s  signify that middle point where we are officially introduced into adulthood and prepping for the years ahead that should typically represent accomplishment and eventual retirement. This is why it's so important that we enjoy but make the right choices when we're younger so we can fully appreciate everything coming full circle when we reach our older, more experienced years. Having said that, our 30s represent that time in our lives which we enter into with the energy and spunk of our 20s ready to face the real life stuff we will have to deal with for the next 10 years with optimism and focus. The combination of both should make for this decade being the beginning of what is to be the best years of our lives.

So what exactly does living your best life mean? Why do we need to be doing it now and what makes it so important? Some of us may be starting families, taking on more responsibility at our jobs, launching new careers, expanding our social networks, making the decision to leave comfort zones, going on spiritual journeys, among many other things and scenarios; yet amidst all of the chaos, we fail to seize the opportunity to live in the moment and take it all in. It can be difficult to do this if we don't feel fulfilled or if our immediate circumstances aren't pleasant but we must recognize that in order for us to enjoy our future years, we must set the tone now for that future that we want. I see people everyday who are dealing with severe health and physical challenges but you would never even be able to tell they struggle in any way because their attitudes are so positive and cheerful that it becomes infectious to the point where it challenges me to reflect the same positive attitude in my own life and through my own circumstances. Living your best life doesn't mean that everything is perfect or that you have everything you want that you think will make you happy, living your best life simply means recognizing where you are in your life, changing the things you want to that are not serving you in the right way ( this may include friends, relationships, things, your physical location, weight etc) so you can enjoy the YOU that you are now. People don't have to understand it, approve of it or even like it; it's your life and it is perfectly okay to live it on your own terms. Surround yourself with people who push you to be your best self and not people who bring chaos into your life. Don't regret growing older because it is a privilege denied to many and don't ever be ashamed of your story for one day it will inspire others.

 Experience life in your 30s; love, laugh, travel when you can, engage your passions, work hard for your dreams, love your kids, date your spouse - doing everything you can do now while you are able to is what living your best life means. Life will always be life and if you know that, then you know it will throw you some curve balls, present you with roadblocks now and again, take you on a roller coaster of the highest highs and lowest lows. You will cry, you will feel pain, you will experience loss, people will walk in and out of your life and with each day, there will be a new challenge you face but through all of the mountains and valleys, through all of your sunrises and sunsets, make sure you are LIVING. When you cry, ignore  the mistake and hold on to the lesson, when you feel pain, remember that is life's way of telling you something is wrong and that it needs to change, when the losses come, keep your chin up because even kings and queens go through them. By the time your 40s and 50s roll around, you will have been seasoned and cooked enough to look forward to your much older years with gratitude and appreciation for all that you have experienced.

I believe that life is teaching me things in my 30s and in a few years when I cross the threshold to my 40s, I can look back on this decade and smile because I have been equipped with all of the tools I need to proceed into my older years with strength, courage and wisdom. As God blesses us into our 40s and beyond, let us remember to be thankful for our 30s for they are our most valuable years because they are our learning years. We learn  no matter how young or old we are, but the 30s is our official introduction to LIFE & LIVING so I will make sure that everyday I'm out here living my best life; my 40s are knocking and I'm getting ready to experience another decade of my life and make it the next 10 years of living my best life!

Thanks for being here today and I hope this motivates all of us to enjoy whatever phase of life we are and live it to its fullest because truly not everyone gets the chance or privilege to.

Love Always

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