Saturday, July 14, 2018


 It is images and covers such as these that ought to motivate every young woman to strive for success and while many may argue that Kylie Jenner is not worthy of a Forbes Cover because she already comes from "wealth", I think she ought to be commended for what she has been able to do for herself. It would have been easier to simply be content with being a "rich kid" but she decided to go out on her own, build herself an empire in the process and now she is set to be the youngest female billionaire in the next year. If that isn't considered motivation for you then I'm not sure what could be.

With that being said, my IBOGIRL BOSS OF THE DAY is Mrs Biodun Da-Silva, fondly referred to as Abbey by her friends, family and clients and she is the C.E.O of MASIDAS CLOTHINGS- an African fabric and tailoring business that caters to the clothing needs of the stylish woman who desires to connect with her african roots, partake of the rich and vibrant culture through fabric, design and tailoring or who just wants to be clothed in beautiful African prints. A young mom to two lovely sons and wife to a supportive husband, Biodun is slowly but certainly growing her brand and is fast becoming a highly sought after seamstress in the Frisco Area of Texas, U.S.A. Her fabrics are sourced from all around the continent and are of supreme quality but sold at pocket friendly rates to clients. She personally oversees the designing, styling, cutting and sewing of each client order  and requires only 14 working days to complete each one.


There is a growing demand for African and African-inspired clothing in the United States by Africans and non Africans alike which accounts for why we see alot of high schoolers request African style dresses be made for prom, ladies celebrating African themed birthday parties and even brides including African inspired satin robes as gifts to bridesmaids. To meet this need, designers are coming up with "pieces of Africa" in their runway shows, making them available to the public with other small scale businesses and entrepreneurs also trying to cash in on this growing demand.          

MASIDAS CLOTHINGS, though still a growing brand, has managed to garner a following over a short period and with a steady stream of satisfied customers, the word is spreading about this small but influential brand and owner. Biodun is working tirelessly to increase the visibility of her business through its social media platforms and I encourage you to not only follow but support another woman as she grows her empire and supports her family. MASIDAS CLOTHINGS is on facebook as "MASIDAS CLOTHINGS" and on instagram under the same name. Follow the business blog: and for bookings , consultations and enquiries,, feel free to send an email to or send a whatsapp message to 214-450-6385.

I am especially proud of Biodun because along with Masidas Clothings, she is working on putting together a hair salon ( also catering to African hairstyles) and is a blogger in between. Her blog is called "When Women Arise" ( and its mission statement is to celebrate the true essence of womanhood through messages that empower and motivate women all over the world. I will be writing an article for the blog in a week from today so please go show her some support by checking out some of her inspiring posts.

It is with pleasure that I recognize and celebrate this GIRL BOSS who pursues her goals with spirited passion and drive. I use this section of my blog to cheer on all the girl bosses and encourage us all to follow our dreams with enthusiasm and dogged determination.

Love Always


  1. Thanks you so much sis, you are really appreciated.

    1. It was my pleasure to celebrate you and all that you are doing for yourself, family and future. Keep it up!