Saturday, August 11, 2018


Every now and then a new fashion trend comes around and becomes all the rage. Anyone and everyone wants to own and be seen in this "stylish item" be it a designer or bootleg version just to be seen as fashionable and in with the trends. However, there are some trends that I see and ask who thought this was a good idea and why are they recommending it to people? A number of these trends are popular today, and have been for a while yet somehow I can't seem to get on the bandwagon along with everyone else because they have left me scratching my head in confusion. These are 10 of the trends I haven't been able to get behind:

                                                                        1. Culottes

These style of pants have been around for a while but I just can't bring myself to love them. They look awkward to me in every style I've seen them perhaps because of how large they look. They are cut to stop at that weird place on the leg that's not exactly right above the ankle or just below the calf area. It's just an unflattering pair of pants and I don't like them. Sorry culotte lovers!

                                                             2. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Why does anyone think these look cute? I know I'm probably the only one but the miniature sized ones bug me the most. No matter how many celebs I see wearing these, I'm not motivated to buy them - designer or copy.

                                                                     3. Mules

I can't begin to explain my dislike of these shoes/slippers or whatever you call them. They remind me of slippers my mom or aunties would wear back in the day and am of the opinion that's where they should have stayed- BACK IN THE DAY.

                                                              4. Pointy Toe Slides

Even worse than the mules are the pointy slides that make zero sense to me.If you want to wear a slipper, wear a slipper and if you want to wear a shoe, wear a shoe but why confuse us and tell us that a half shoe-half slipper is a better option? It's not.

                                                         5. Platform Shoes/Sandals

Yet another pointless fashion trend I don't get. I know I'm not a very tall woman but when I want to appear that way, I put on a proper heel, pump or classy wedge. Platforms look like orthopaedic shoes that should be recommended to people who have posture or balance issues and not sold as trendy footwear in 2018.

                                                    6. Fur Gucci Slippers/Slides

This, by far has got to be the ugliest of the trends ( so sorry gucci!). A half slipper/half shoe combo with fur sticking out of its sides with or without the gucci logo branded all over is a lot. Whenever I see people wear this I'm literally wow! What will we be wearing next?

                                                       7. Frayed Hem Jeans

Okay, so I get and am into the whole distressed denim trend. I think it's edgy and adds some character to the otherwise plain old jeans but the idea of ripping or distressing them at the hem without rhyme or reason is what I don't get. It looks bad whether you buy them that way or do the deed yourself. I feel the same way about distressed t-shirts, sweatshirts and don't quite get the 'let's all look like we're homeless people' trend.

                                                           8. Fishnet Stockings

An 80s trend that should have stayed in the 80s but was resurrected and brought back to life in the 2000s. Unless you are a performer or an actor, these in my opinion should strictly be a costume piece.

                                                                9. Perspects

These just look down right uncomfortable and looks also like I would be accumulating sweat in between my toes, yuck! The strappy sandal versions don't look so bad but these are just not shoes I would ever wear.

                                                             10. Pointy Nails

I don't completely hate this trend but I always wonder how women who have them are able to do the most basic things like wipe their ass, hold a pen or compose a text message. I used to wear false nails and still do from time to time but these talons just look dangerous.

So there you have it folks, 10 of my least favourite fashion trends today. What are some trends you don't like or perhaps don't understand why they even exist? Hope you share.

Cheers to the weekend my loves.

Love Always


  1. 😀 I agree with you on all of them except the sunglasses. C'mon, those are cute