Friday, August 31, 2018


WELCOME to the fabulous month of September guys! It's my birth month and I'm so excited for all of the things I have in store for the blog and personally but first let's kick things off with these 4 makeup looks I created to usher in the Fall--which also happens to be my favourite season.

Whenever I think of Fall colours, I think mustards,golds, olives, oranges and dark pinks. They may not be the conventional colours of the season (or maybe they are) but I personally love them and I especially enjoy the idea of injecting a little bit of "Summer" into my fall fashions and makeup. I plan on doing a lookbook in a few weeks about how I like to bring some summer fun into fall with my personal style so look out for that.

I used to think I was a big makeup enthusiast simply because I loved wearing it and creating different looks but I soon realized that makeup is a lot more than just putting a bunch of colours together. There's so many things that go into getting that flawless finish we all want--from brushes, blending and layers to pigment, angles and a bunch of other terms that go hand in hand with the artistry. I give a lot of credit to people who do this for a living and especially to the beauty influencers who have done people like you and me a favour by presenting makeup so simply and easily that we all can feel confident when we put it on without feeling like we need to be pros. 

With that said, I took inspiration from different influencers and came up with images in my head to create 4 different looks I hope will capture what I envisage Fall is and represents--thanksgiving and family displayed in beautiful colours that depict happiness, fun, joy and warmth. The first look I came up with was this dark pink barbie look I created using the Makeup Revolution Neutrals palette. I've never really worn this type of makeup look before and I knew I didn't want to use too many colours to achieve it. I continued the pink theme on my lips using my lipstick from L.A Girl and accessorized with pink hoop earrings and a bandana.

For my next look, I was thinking Golden Goddess and to create it, I used the same palette as in the above look and added some glitter on my inner eyelids with my NYX Face & Body Glitter Brilliants in GLI 06. I kept my lips neutral using a gloss I got from Forever 21 and accessorizing with statement gold earrings, a choker and head band, the finished look didn't come out too badly. For extra pizzazz, you can use the glitter on your decolletage.

This green smokey eye look was my next interpretation of the fall season. I achieved it using shadows from about 4 different palettes--exhausting! I lined my lids actually using a liquid eyeshadow from NICKAK  in Marineblue Sparkle I got from a beauty supply store in New York and on my lips is the Wet n Wild gloss in Love Bird Affair. I was hoping the look would come out more olive than green but what the heck, it still looked cute.

Finally, I call this look 'The Sangria' because I used far too many colours for my liking--lol--but I was inspired by a recent makeup tutorial from one of my favourite youtubers, Omabelle. I feel like every season should inspire a burst of makeup looks that have vibrant, happy colours and not just restrict them to the summer alone. I believe I used two palettes from Juvias Place( Masquerade and Sahara) and my Makeup Revolution palette also. I used the NYX butter gloss on my lips and accessorized with complementary gold and orange colours with my jewellery and top.

Possibly some highlight, blush and lashes would have elevated the looks even more but I'm still struggling with perfecting my lash application and I think I still look like a clown with blush. I tried using it recently for a retro look I put together for church which I posted on my instagram ( follow me @ibogirlliving) and thought I looked silly but committed to the look anyway. Maybe I will feel differently in the future but for now, I'm staying away from the stuff.

What are your thoughts on the looks I created? Which is your favourite? and do you think they are appropriate for the fall? Tell me in the comments.

Have a superb weekend babes...its 3 days long so that's an extra day to be fabulous!!

Love Always

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