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As promised, every fortnight, I will attempt to review a variety of things I find at Target; it won't be restricted to just clothing finds but will also include accessories, homeware and other random bits and bobs. Today, I'll start with a couple of clothes I already picked up from the store that were in my opinion, pretty cool finds and I will also show you how I styled them.

For the benefit of any International readers here, Target is an upscale discount retail store that provides high quality and on-trend merchandise at very attractive prices. They are the second largest department store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart. They have over 1000 stores in the U.S and as their name suggests, they aim at providing all of the basic needs of their 'target' customers.

Usually, when I shop for clothes at Target, my first stop is the Sales/Clearance rack for a few reasons: firstly, I'm a babe on a tight budget, secondly, I always find great pieces and thirdly, they are always stylish and cater to all sizes. I have never not found at least one item on the sales rack so if you are like me and have limited funds to splurge on clothes but still want to look cute, this also needs to be your first stop.

This extremely gorgeous chiffon dress I picked up months ago when I needed an outfit for a wedding. I blogged about it but also remember not taking enough pictures to really show off the beauty of the dress. This dress cost me less than $15 and found it on the clearance rack in this blush and black colours. It is so comfortable and flattering and I especially love the rouched waistline that hides my not-so-flat tummy very well. Paired it with maroon pumps and a similar coloured purse I got from Charming Charlies. This was exactly how I styled it to the wedding I attended back in May and was the absolute perfect wedding guest dress and a great target find.

This oxblood coloured cordurouy pants really excited me when I found it because I knew exactly how I wanted to style it. I knew I wanted to dress it up for an evening look so I paired it with my sequin Tracee Ellis Ross top I picked up on sale at J.C Penny. With another purse from Charming Charlies and the same maroon pumps, the look came together the way I envisioned it in my mind.

The pants sold for about $12 total (tax incl.) and if that's not an absolute steal, I doubt I know what is. Of course, you can also dress the pants down for a more casual look but this was what I was going for.

This cotton green dress is a recent purchase that I found for exactly $7.48 (talk about a great find). I wasn't even looking for anything in particular when I came across this dress but at the price point it was going for, I knew I had to have it.

I haven't worn it out yet but when I do, I plan on styling it just the same way I did in the picures below. The denim shirt I'm wearing is also incidentally a Target find I got last year while visiting NYC so I guess I've been shopping and discovering great pieces at Target for a while. It has pockets on both sides so on days when you don't want to carry more than your phone and bank cards, this dress will serve you well.

Finally, this denim bomber jacket I found sold for about $9 and change so a total of $10. The denim is soft and light and is perfect as a Spring or even Fall piece. I have worn it in the Summer as well but indoors of course because I tend to get cold pretty quickly. 

You can wear it with a maxi or midi dress or skirt, over a pencil skirt or pants or the way I styled it with a pair of jeans, sneakers and a tank top. It's such a cute versatile piece and the colours make it so that you can pretty much complement it with any of your other favourite colours. My sneakers are also a Target Find and it was only natural that I pair the two together.

So there you have it guys, My Target Finds for today! I know we all may have different definitions of what 'affordable' is; for some $5 or less is considered affordable while for others, between $10 and $50 works for them. TARGET is the one place I know you can find great pieces for all those price points. Certainly I shop at other places when my budget permits and Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, J.C Penny and Ross are also all great places to find tasteful, stylish and budget friendly pieces.

Be sure to stop by again in 2 weeks to see what I find next.

I will be having my very first giveaway ever next month in celebration of my birthday and to say thank you to everyone who has followed my blog since inception. I know I have quite a ways to go but I'm excited about the future and all the great changes coming. These first 6 months have been for me to test the waters and see if this was what I really wanted to do and I believe it is so please stick around as I work on the details for the giveaway and of course, spruce up the blog. I promise it will be an easy process and will feature items from MY TARGET FINDS so please follow the blog and share.

Love Always.

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