Saturday, September 29, 2018


Checking out all of the Fall fashion suggestions, recommendations and picks from the different fashion brands has subtly influenced my picks for today's lookbook. Everyone from Macys, Net-A-Porter, Target and even Stitchfix have all come out with their must-haves for the new season and across the brands, I see florals, plaid, olives and mustards, clean lines and an array of patterns that exude confidence, charm and character. As I have probably said in the past, I rarely follow trends or what the 'fashion experts' tell me I should be wearing in any given season because I believe I have found what is my own personal style. I always go for comfort, fit and anything that complements my style aesthetic. I also said I was going to show you how I infuse a bit of summer into my fall fashion and hopefully the looks I've come up with will reflect that.

Also, i must apologize for the picture quality of some of the images. We have been having some pretty gloomy weather in Texas with being in the path of Hurricane Florence and all so the sun kept dipping in and out but of course, my prayers go up for everyone dealing with mother nature and her current mood swings.

Let's get on with these looks now shall we?

1. Statement Shorts - No longer a summer only piece, I transitioned these black shorts with the ruffle detail at the bottom to make it wearable for Fall by pairing it with this nice sparkly grey sweater and otk boots to keep me warm from the chill. Typically, I hate anything with a ruffle on it but I liked the way these shorts looked on me. Added a pop of colour with my earrings and the look came together quite nice wouldn't you say?

2. A Hooded Dress - I got this dress on Amazon over a year ago now and what I liked about it was the obvious gucci reference with the red and green colours across the chest. I paired it with my ankle boots from DSW and let my makeup bring in the summer with shimmer and shine, still using the same colours of my dress but in much lighter shades.

3. Denim - For the season, denim on denim is always a winning combination. Thicker denim is obviously better for the cold but I take things further by layering with a mustard coloured longline coat purchased from Shein. Denim as we all know is that one piece that transitions into every season and with any weather; you simply need to switch it up with texture, wash, style and cut to reflect whatever look you are going for.

4. The Floral Jacket -  This was a Macys recommendation I saw and loved. Florals are now appropriate to wear in the Fall and not just in the summer or spring and pairing it with a solid colour dress like this grey one I wore allows the jacket be the stand out piece. Accessorizing with a mini purse and the same DSW ankle boots, I'm ready to literally brighten up any room I walk into.

5. My Bonus Look - Just thought I would sneak this in here as a mini teaser to something bigger that's coming. Ya'll can see the t-shirt I'm rocking right? but the actual focus of these pictures is my ankara inspired bomber jacket that I am obsessed with. This look was actually inspired by one of my favourite influencers on YouTube, @Kiitana (you can follow her on instagram to see the look). I thought the look she put together was so bomb that it was worthy of recreating. Next thing I'm looking to get is a leather jacket so I'm currently on the hunt for an affordable one.

What are your thoughts on these looks? Are there any you like or would recreate? What fall fashions are you currently loving?

Thanks for putting reading my posts on your Saturday schedule when there are tons more out there you could be indulging in. Much appreciated!!

Always Love 💖

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