Thursday, September 6, 2018


This has got to be one of my favourite quotes as I find the notion that before a man can get to me, he has to go through God extremely appealing. This is what should have happened the first time around but I digress...

Ariana Grande recently put out a song with this title and initially when I heard it, I liked it-- the rhythm and overall vibe of the track appealed to my musical sensibilities until it dawned on me to ask myself whether this was actually blasphemous. I know what you're thinking and no, I'm typically not one of those people who make a big deal out of everything so don't roll your eyes just yet. I wanted to understand the lyrics of the song properly so I googled it and I'll share just the chorus with you:

                                     "You, you know it how I move you
                                       You love it how I touch you, my one
                                       When all is said and done
                                       You'll believe God is a woman
                                       And I, feel it after midnight
                                       A feeling that you can't fight, my one
                                       It lingers when  we're done
                                       You'll believe God is a woman"

Verses 1 & 2 go on to express some sort of sexual relations she is having with a man and while all that is fine and dandy, I'm not sure how I feel about the proclamation that 'God is a woman' simply as a result of whatever may or may not be going on in the lyrics of this song. To be honest, I don't usually ever dissect songs and just enjoy them so long as they are not spreading a blatantly hateful or negative message or encouraging/promoting some sort of nonsensical behaviour. I actually like this song like I said earlier, it caught my ear when she performed it at the recent VMAs and I went ahead to download it. It's still on my playlist as I write this post but I'm just not a fan of the title and comparison.

Do you find that as you grow older and mature, you start to think a little more deeply about things and are more conscious about where you go, what you do, what you put in or on your body, who you let in your life, what you listen to--everything? I know I have become a lot more aware and mindful of things as I've gotten older because I realize I need to be more conscious and take better care of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. I think it is important to take stock and do some self evaluation periodically as a way to check in with ourselves and even one another. This especially today, is very much needed with the alarming rate of suicides, homicides and even mental illness we hear about almost daily now it seems. Self check-ins allow us be accountable to ourselves and each-other, measure our personal growth and make adjustments/changes where necessary.

When I came up with the title for today's post, I wasn't eaxctly sure where I was going to go with it or what I would even write about but the idea that someone like Ariana who has millions of adoring fans and who are influenced by her music would title a song 'God is a woman' shows me how far we have come as a people and how much our freedom of speech and expression carries along with it immense confidence in this liberty to make such bold declarations. I am a christian and I make no apologies for it but I do not criticize or judge anyone for their own beliefs either, that's not my job as a christian. I am fine with anyone singing about whatever they want and titling their songs how they choose but if you want to express that your bedroom skills are 'goddess-like', there's a ton of different ways you can say that without comparing yourself to God. Just my personal opinion...but hey, what do I know?

God is a woman, God is a man, God is you, God is me, God is all of us, we are afterall created in His image so if your 'content' is based on this fundamental truth, then Yes, God IS a woman!

Enough talk! I think I've said more than enough for one post--lol! How are you guys liking the face of the blog so far? Still making changes to it so look out for them. 

See you Saturday!

Love Always

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