Saturday, September 8, 2018


During the week, I ran to Target to see what goodies I could find for today's post. Naturally, my first stop was the clothes clearance racks and I did find two lovely pieces I picked up but those are not for today's feature. After spending way too much time on the clothing racks, I made my way through the aisles, my eyes pulled every which way with all the gorgeous things on display and would have bought if only my wallet was willing to co-operate.

However, I did find a few things that I was able to pick up and first on the list was this travel bag. This sleek bag cost only $4.54--like what? It was initially marked at a little over $8 but at checkout, it came down another 20% and I couldn't have been more thrilled by that. It's my birthday next week and I've been thinking tons about things and how I've always had this tremendous fear of flying. I absolutely hate it but love the thought of visiting different places and have been playing with the idea of going on a road trip to a few states within the U.S and I thought if I bought this bag, maybe it would motivate me to actually do it soon. It's cute, it's sleek, it's chic, it's the perfect shape and size and I even love the ruffle detail in front. It also feels quite sturdy and I'm featuring it stuffed as it came from the store which tells me it can carry quite a bit which is also a plus.

Next things are these slides I got for the purpose of matching them with the bag (travel look kinda thing). The fur ones retailed for about $20 while the plain patent ones sold for about $10. They are both super comfortable, they go with everything and I think every fashion girl has a pair in this and other different cute colours.

As a writer/blogger, I'm of course big into journaling and these awesome notebooks are literally splattered everywhere in the book section. There were so many options but these two caught my eye and they retailed for $7.99 each. I got the grey one on the right to include in my upcoming giveaway while the other I got for myself which I've already started using. I love what it says on the cover and it's just a reminder never to give up because truly "life is what I make it".

If you didn't already know, NYX is at Target now and if you recall, it's where I picked up the eyeshadow palette I used in my collaboration with my friend and Youtuber, Toyosi Onabamiro (subscribe to her channel here I was at the stand looking for the jumbo pencils in Milk and French fries but didn't find them at this Target so instead I picked up the Born To Glow highlighter (that I probably will never use), the Away We Glow illuminating fluid and the Cosmic Metals liquid lipstick. Each item was under $5 at clearance and I'll admit I had to really dig through a pile to find them.

The last thing I picked up was this white ceramic cup I use to store my makeup brushes. It sold for a little over $5 and I was actually looking to get a set of 3 but couldn't find another in the same size and this backpack I got for about $10 but bought this on a prior trip to the store. By the end of my shopping trip, my total bill at checkout was a little over $60 which to me, was another successful target run.

I announced last week that I would be having a giveaway and I will be giving you details next weekend on how to enter and what you stand to win. It's open only in the U.S unfortunately but I promise I will have another to mark my first year of blogging which will be open internationally.

Again, hope you guys like the blog's new look but as I said, I'm still working on it so you should still see a few more changes over time. Appreciate you guys as always and see you again next week. Ciao Bellas!!

Love Always.

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