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The IboGirl is any woman, regardless of race, religion and background in her early - late 30s who wants to leave her mark on the world however she chooses to do so. The IboGirl is outspoken, confident, sexy and one who has stepped out from the shadows of followership to become a leader.

In Nigeria, there are 3 major ethnic or cultural groups, namely the Igbo (Ibo), Yoruba and Hausa and while each culture has something that is unique and special to it, the Ibo culture is a proud, industrious one that brags on the intelligence, ambition and integrity of its people. I used to be very disconnected from my culture and in many ways, I still am but I've recently just started to love that it is a part of who I am. I am also part Yoruba because that's my mom's cultural background.

Within every industry today, you will almost always find a strong and assertive Ibo girl dominating her field and commanding the respect she knows she is due. IboGirls like Adaku Ufere, Ink Eze, Linda and Laura Ikeji, Yvonne Orji, Adanna of the famous YouTube couple, Adanna & David, IfyYvonne and Chimamanda Adichie are just a few of the women I admire who stand for and represent what it means to be a proud IboGirl and so here's hoping that you come on this wild, uncertain and crazy journey with me and hopefully along the way, discover the IboGirl within you.


Ibogirlliving is a platform that encourages and promotes confidence, personal discovery and growth for women in their 30s. At this age, the world would have us believe that we should pretty much have our lives figured out, possibly married wih kids with successful careers or businesses. However, the truth is that some of us are divorced, with no kids and find ourselves hitting the reset button once again on life. Not every woman feels confident in having to accept this (and probably more unforeseen circumstances in her life) but this blog lets them know that it is perfectly okay to not be at the point where everything is figured out or going as planned. Many of us are only just discovering who we really are by giving ourselves permission to visit our past, forgive our mistakes and grow from them. Many of us are coming to terms with loss in whatever form that looks like and learning to be at peace with that. We are just now understanding the realities we have to live with and are startng to respond to them differently but positively. So IBOGIRLLIVING is where we come to learn that its okay to accept and embrace our individual journeys because our journeys are our personal stories and we all should love them.


My goals for the blog are grouped into 3: short, mid and long term goals. For my short term goals which for me signifies the first 6months to 1 year, I'm looking to build more of a strong following and have more engagement among all my platforms. I only just got on to social media seriously when I started this blog and so my goal with that is to organically grow my audience to a certain number by the time the blog is a year old and I have just a few months left to reach and hopefully smash that goal.

Mid - Term goals include doing more freelance and paid writing, collaborations with other bloggers, (locally and internationally) influencers, small and big businesses and to create at least one new income stream from blogging and these goals fall between the 1-3 year mark. Finally, my long term goals include having multiple businesses, establishing a charity organization geared towards providing care, treatment and a sense community for families living with sickle cell anemia. Also, to grow the IboGirl Brand globally and possibly branch out into public speaking centred around women just embracing their life's journey and breaking free from meaningless stereotypes.


In the very near future, my hope is to launch 'THE IBOGIRL MOVEMENT' which will start with my line of branded merchandise that will start with a line of T-shirts and slowly hopefully branch out into other things. Nothing is set in stone yet but I am in the very early stages of bringing this all together. I've had very many failures in the past with several attempts at enterpreneurship so with this, I want to take my time and make absolutely certain that I get it right the first time.

I'm going to find and binge read all the blogs I can find that speak to me and the things I love. The purpose of that is first to see what other bloggers are out there, what I can learn from them and hopefully reach out to collaborate on content in the future. I've already been finding some great blogs that I'm currently loving and will share them with you soon so you can also check them out. I hope to keep on updating my blog not just with content but aesthetically so if you come on here one day and find that I've moved things around or changed things again, please don't be surprised or put off by it. I'm growing and learning with each passing day and I just wanna do good, put out good stuff and look good while doing it all😊

We about to be LIT...

Always Love πŸ’–

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