Thursday, October 11, 2018


Clark Kent becomes Superman....

Bruce Wayne transforms into Batman....

Beyonce pulls out Sasha Fierce on stage, Peter Parker becomes Spiderman and even Dr. Heavenly from Bravo Series, Married To Medicine calls on her alter ego, Lil' Kim when she needs to check people who get out of line with her and even I on occasion have been known to come out with my alter ego, Sha-nene (pronounced Sha-nei nei) from time to time. Sha-nene can be loud and talkative, the one who would dance barefoot in the club back in the day, match her hair with whatever colour her outfit was, wear a ba-jillion rings and quick to tell you where you can stick it if you got on her nerves. Don't judge me ya'll, Jesus is still working on Sha-nene!!๐Ÿ˜›

The question here is, why do you think people create alter egos for themselves and in what situations do they feel the need to channel them? The dictionary meaning of the word is 'a person's secondary or alternative personality' and also 'an intimate trusted friend'. I have a couple of friends who are my other alter egos when I don't want to have to bring out my 2nd persona. These friends naturally display certain characteristics in their personalities that I identify with and sometimes will even allow Sha-nene come out to play.

Having the right alter ego can help you launch a brand, start a business, try new things and do things the normal you wouldn't do. An alter ego doesn't care what people think, doesn't worry, have fears and pretty much allows you think outside the box. I've always had my alter ego Sha-nene but I think I've only recently just given her this name and figured out her personality, image and story.

Sha-nene is my spicy, confident and bolder persona who unlike the more quiet and reserved me, is going after her dreams fearlessly. She unapologetically embraces her flaws and shortcomings and refuses to hide from the world because of her story or her past. She is fun and funny, the life of the party and the one everyone wants to be friends with. She wants to travel and see the world and even though things have been slightly tough for her in recent times, she is an indomitable force who won't stay quiet for long.

If you are thinking of creating your own alter ego, I highly recommend doing so for the following reasons:

1. To explore all sides of your persoality;
2. To prevent you fromm placing limitations on yourself and abilities and;
3. To help you deal with issues plaguing your mind and spirit like a boss

This past weekend was especially emotionally tasking for me and I believe that it was because I was able to channel my alter ego that I was able to compartmentalize those emotions and not let them affect me. The actual person I am is a worrier by nature and even when I've got my own emotional things going on, I realize that I have to put them aside so I can be there for the ones I love the most and this is when I channel my alter ego.

Alter egos allow us become exaggerated versions of ourselves and perhaps it was my alter ego that gave me the balls to start this blog with my very little resources without fear of looking foolish. In the event that you do not yet have or know how to create an alter ego for yourself, allow me make some suggestions on how to go about it.

- First ask yourself why you want an alter ego. Are you craving to be more/less of something you currently are/aren't? Once you are able to craft for yourself  what you want, then you can move on to answering the next question.

- What personality do you want your alter ego to possess? What particular mindset does it need to have in order to accomplish the goal for which it was created?

- What will be your alter ego's name? The name can be anything/anyone you admire, versions of your real name or even just adding a suffix to your actual name.

- What will be your alter ego's image? For me, I'm a jeans and sneakers wearing type chic but Sha-nene prefers short, tight, snatched and beat all day even though she doesn't have the actual figure to pull it off but then again, she doesn't really care.

So go ahead, create your very own alter ego and go take over the world. After you do, hola at your girl Sha-nene๐Ÿ˜‰

Always Love๐Ÿ’–

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