Saturday, October 13, 2018


For today's lookbook, I simply want you to enjoy the looks I've put together wearing a trend I've always loved and admired. In Nigeria, we were petrified to wear camouflage clothing because the military back home are adamant about civilians wearing the look as merely a fashion trend without being actual military personnel. Beacuse of this, we only would wear camo indoors for fear of being intimidated outside.

With that said and with my new freedom to flaunt my love for camo clothing, I put together the following looks. Hope you enjoy.

Who doesn't love a pair of camo pants? Looks good on everybody and I had been eyeing this one for a while and eventually got it gifted to me last xmas by my sis. It's from Amazon and I Looove... I also styled them a different way here...

With or without the blazer, your look goes in and out of being semi-formal to plain casual and I absolutely love that. See a similar one here

A year ago, you wouldn't have been able to catch me dead in a romper but look at me now! wearing it and not giving a danmπŸ˜› I couldn't find one that looked exactly like this but here's an equally cute one from Forever 21 here

I picked up this romper at some store I don't now recall that was closing at one of the outlet malls in town. The material is stretchy but not cheap feeling and uber comfortable plus the little black lace details on the arm? cheeky yet chic...just the way I like it.

Can you really say you love camo without owning at least one shirt? I stole this one from my mom and paired it with my striped midi skirt that I think I'm wearing backwards..LOL

I tied it in front as opposed to just tucking it in and using a belt to cinch in my waist but I prefer it this way don't you? Not sure where she picked it up from but see a similar one here

When I saw this dress on Shein, I knew I had to get it. It was affordable and looked cute on the model. See it here

Remember how I talked about my alter ego Sha-nene preferring to wear clothes that clung to her body as if she was a size 0? Well, she was the one who selected this dress 😊

Can't tell you how good it feels to be able to wear this out and just be cute and shoutout to my baby sis for taking these dope pics for me. What do you think about the camo trend? Is it your style? Have you or do you live in a country where you couldn't wear a particular trend? Share if you care...

Till Tuesday my darlings..

Always Love πŸ’–

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