Saturday, October 6, 2018


So I'm lowkey ashamed of myself about how I've gone about this whole shopping at Target thing this week and that's due large in part to: 

1. Starting to feel like I'm limiting myself to buying from just one store when in actual fact I find gems from several different places and;
2. This week in particular, I was so involved doing other things and shopping elsewhere that I legit forgot to drop by the store till the very last minute and by then, I had maxed out on my spending cash for the week....completely ridiculous 😱

So here's what I'm proposing to do, even though I did eventually make it to Target, I was only able to pick up very few random things which I will share in a minute and should also chip in here that there was no rhyme or reason to their purchase because I was a sucky planner this week. However, starting next month, I will get my act together and come here with reviews of stuff I pick up from wherever I happen to have shopped during the previous month. Just the other day, I popped into Burlington for the first time and wondered why I had never been in there till now and going in there was what brought me to the decision that every store I walk into and buy something from SHOULD make its way to the blog. So be prepared to see stuff from Walmart, DDs, Old Navy, Thrift stores and any place else. I'm still playing around with what to call this particular series venture but I'm sure I would have figured it out before the next review.

So on to today's random bits! Walking into the store, I had no clue where to even start from so I just made a bee line straight to the clearance racks as per usual and hoped to take it from there. Not looking for anything but hoping I would find something, this cobalt blue off shoulder dress with the ruffle detailing caught my eye.

When I saw it my first thought was that it would serve as another piece of motivation to take that trip I said I wanted to in my last Target post. This is how I was thinking I would style it but know that it would equally look cute with a pair of white sneakers, a nice straw hat, sunnies and some chunky boho jewellery to give more of a street vibe. This dress retailed for just $9.88 so $10 and even if I chicken out and do not take the trip, at least I've got a cute dress to wear 😛

So ya'll remember my giveaway jumpsuit that nobody cared for? well, I took possession of this baby and decided that it would make a nice addition to this post. I plan on doing another cute lookbook soon and will definitely be featuring this beauty styled just like this. What I'm going for is a chic in-the-city type look. You know those ones you see in the pages of Instyle and Cosmo?....yeah....that vibe.

Hella random but suddenly recalling Pinterest images and boards of gorge home office deco ideas, these cute mini marquee lights seemed like a good buy plus they were on clearance for a $1.78. I haven't even bothered to try and see if they work or not and then not finding the 'L' letter to complete IGL (i.e IBO.GIRL.LIVING) but went ahead to buy them anyway, I like them. As of now, they are sitting pretty somewhere on my makeup table and have somehow brought some extra personality to it.

If you follow me on my Instagram (@ibogirlliving), you would have seen where I mentioned wanting to recreate a certain makeup look but did not have a blue lippie in my already almost overflowing collection so I walked over to the beauty isle and picked this one up from Maybelline. Now that I have it, I should attempt that look sometime next week and will put it up on my page so you can check it out if you so desire.

This brings me to the end of today's TargetRandomFinds...depressing I know but bear with me, I hope to make it up to you next month. Comment below if you would like to see a lookbook featuring these items but will probably style one anyway on Instagram.

Have an awesome weekend my loves!

Always Love 💖


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