Saturday, November 17, 2018


Fashion & Beauty trends are officially in for the holidays and right at the top of those lists are some pretty bold makeup looks for your thanksgiving and christmas parties, dinners and dates. 

It's no secret that I'm an "affordable makeup" enthusiast even though I've got a few high end products on my wishlist at Sephora and Ulta Beauty that I'm hoping someone gifts me this christmas season so #fingerscrossed for that one.

I decided to try my hands on two seperate looks using the colors I think are holiday appropriate, red and green. To achieve the smokey green look I created, I reached into an old Sleek and Makeup Revolution Reloaded palettes to come up with the perfect combination of light and dark, soft and smokey holiday glam look.

Usually, the experts would tell you to go nude on the lip to avoid an overpowering look but who says you have to follow the rules all the time? Instead of going completely nude, I chose a cherry colored lip gloss from NYX that didn't totally compete with the boldness of the eyes.

For that extra bit of smokiness, I layered some black eyeshadow on the outer corners of my eyes which already had a dark green color; this is optional of course as it depends entirely on the level of drama you are going for. I also applied some Kiss Gel liner on my lower lash line and smoked it out first by itself then with a dark green over it.

You could totally rock this to an evening christmas party with friends or colleagues and my tip would be to keep your accessories minimal (even though I would do the complete opposite, lol) if you are concerned about your look being a bit too much for people.

As you can see, the look with or without earrings is still cute and No, I did not pierce my nose. I just improvised with a new toe ring to give the look that extra special little something.

I chose to use a pressed shimmer gold shade in my inner corners to draw more attention to the eyes (as though it needed more attention but hey...) and I quite like the way it broke the look up away from all the green.

I think that classic red makeup is pretty much considered a standard holiday look that we all happily embrace. However, I attempted a glossier version that was inspired by beauty influencer, Ronke Raji using my Bh Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil palette.

Hers was created as a Valentines Day look but I felt it would be just as wearable for the holidays. Ronke used a red lipstick as her eyeshadow base and applied that just on the lids then simply patted on some eyeshadow over it.

She then goes over that with a clear lipgloss and used the same lipstick/gloss combination on her lips for the perfect vavavoom romantic look.

I pretty much replicated her look and decided it would be perfect to rock for a night out with your boo. Ronke's tip was to keep the gloss strictly over the eyelid and avoid extending towards the crease so your look does not end up with a cracked finish.

I semi successfully applied false eyelashes to give this look its much needed dramatic effect but let me tell ya'll, it took at least 30 minutes just to apply the first lash and that was after trying and failing for the first 45 minutes!!

The beanie I'm wearing is just because my ears were cold on this day and nothing more!

I also think that colors like rose gold, champagne and blush/nude tone looks are excellent makeup ideas to wear this festive season. The holidays are about spending time with loved ones, reflecting on the past year and giving thanks for every challenge and blessing so don't be afraid to let your makeup reflect that joy and happiness you feel 😊

Happy Thanksgiving Guys!!💞💞

Always Love💖

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