Saturday, November 3, 2018


Happy New Month my loves! Its almost that time of year again when the sales at stores keep coming and you just get carried away by the choice of them all...well, I do anyways, lol!

For My Shopping Finds this month, I took a small break from clothes and decided to try out some hair and makeup bits- some new and others not so new from Walmart and Burlington. It's been about a year and 5 months since I started wearing my hair natural and the only product I use is the Cantu range from their Co-wash, Shampoo and Conditioner to their Moisturizers and Curling Creams but I wanted to try something different (and just as affordable) and so I opted for the African Pride Olive Miracle Leave-In Conditioner and Shea Miracle Bouncy Curls Pudding.

While I love the Conditioner, I did not like the Curls Pudding. It leaves a ton of residue after it soaks into my hair and even though the consistency is smooth, I don't really care for the small particles that get under my finger nails as I apply the product into my hair. The only positives for this product for me is that it defined my curl pattern nicely and has a pleasant smell to it but I will not be re-purchasing after I'm done using this jar. I also picked up 2 NYX pencil products; the jumbo pencil in Milk and an eye pencil in Sapphire. The jumbo pencil does exactly what it's supposed to with helping my eyeshadows appear more vibrantly and the eye pencil is creamy, applies smoothly on the waterline and above my lash line. I have no complaints with the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Hair Oil or the Ampro Pro Styl Vitamin E Oil; I use the latter in my daily lotion or by itself because it's great for mositurizing and softening around my nail beds.

I checked out the makeup section at Burlington where I picked up the above items (completely forgot to take pictures, sorry guys🙏). The makeup brushes and large eyeshadow palette are from Beauty Treats while the smaller singular shadows are from Wet n Wild. The Mega Wear Mascara came with the Wet n Wild shadows and the other is from L'Oreal. 

I use the L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes masara for my top lashes and while it may not be my go to replacement for my current Rimmel Scandal Eyes, it gives my lashes some noticeable length and does not clump them together. I opted to use the Wet n Wild mascara for my bottom lashes because it comes with a smaller size applicator and does a good job of depositing product without being messy.

The makeup brushes are probably the biggest diappointment from this haul. They are soft and fluffy but not nearly dense enough to be effective. The foundation brush in particular is way too flimsy and so is the powder brush but I managed to find other uses for them like sweeping away excess powder after applying it over my concealer and to lightly apply my contour. The blush and concealer brushes are the only two from the bunch that serve their purpose fine.

The Metallic eysehadow palette by itself is not very impressive but when I used it with the NYX jumbo pencil as my base, the colors popped more but required a bit more layering than usual to get the pay off I was happy with. They swatch decent enough and are all shimmer shades so when creating my look, I reach into a separate palette for some matte transition shades. 

As you can see, the Wet n Wild shimmer shades did not swatch very well but I figured out the best way to use them in a makeup look that I created below. The palettes also felt quite sticky. Not sure if that's what it's supposed to feel like but I was expecting it dry and lightly loose enough to be picked up with a small pointed brush.

The matte shadows swatched slightly better but felt a little powdery, however nothing too crazy. My plan was to create a makeup look with these products and came up with the look below:

I found that the shimmer shadows from Wet n Wild had more effect used in my inner tear duct. Also when applied with my finger directly on my lid, it shows up better although that's not what I did with this look.

 I would conclude that this shopping trip was a semi successful one. Typically I don't get my makeup anywhere other than Walmart, Target and Ulta so this was a first for me. Will I be buying more makeup from Burlington in the future? It's highly unlikely but it was fun to try out.

What do you guys think of this month's buys?  Already making plans for my next trip as it will be my Christmas Edition so make sure to keep it a date with me.Till then, have a superb weekend loves!

Always Love 💖

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