Saturday, November 10, 2018


I put up this image on my Instagram yesterday asking you guys to guess which beauty influencer's look I tried to recreate.

Committing to a fully beat face with all the bells and whistles is a full time job. I mean I like makeup as much as the next girl but deciding to try my hands at this self imposed challenge was no small feat that took no less than 1 and a half hours to complete each look. I've really got to hand it to prefessional makeup artists and beauty influencers, what they do is truly outstanding! I literally have to psyche myself up to do my makeup because it takes tons of patience and that is one virtue that kinda skipped me when God was distributing gifts to His children..😊

With all of the makeup artists and influencers on social media, and their numbers growing exponentially by the second, I convinced myself that I could try recreating looks from 3 of my favourites on Instagram. You will just have to indulge me on this one because for even attempting, I think I deserve some

First on the list is this stunning mom of twin daughters, Omabelle. This fellow ibogirl is one whose makeup tutorials I look forward to on YouTube, not only because her looks are flawless, but her sense of style is 100. The look below is the one I chose to recreate using my own drugstore products (as I did with all the looks).

I was drawn to the african/ankara inspired colors and felt semi confident (lies) that I could do the look justice with my own interpretation.

Instead of the white liner above the lash line, I opted to use mine in my waterline and use a turquoise blue color in my inner tear duct as opposed to the champagne color she used.

I swapped the white pencil liner for my marine blue liquid one on the lash line to tie my look together and complement the colors on my head scarf a bit more.

Omabelle typically likes a thick, full brow but while I chose to stick with a darker brow color, I did not make mine as full because I simply look awful whenever I've tried to pull it off.

To achieve the look, these are the main products I used. The Juvias Place Masquerade palette, a nude lipgloss from Forever21, a random white eyeliner pencil I picked up from the Dollar Tree and the marineblue liquid eyeliner I bought at a beauty supply store in New York.

Next on the list is the very pretty Alma of The Stylecheapskate. I have been following her blog for years and as soon as she made the transition to also start a YouTube channel, I knew I had to subscribe.

This look she created is one of my favorites from her because bright colors usually pop on her and complement her skin tone beautifully. She is based in Abuja, Nigeria and is one influencer whose growth over the years has been a joy to witness.

My version of the look was not too different from the one she created being that she used only two colors on her lid if I'm not mistaking.

Instead of a matte lip which she did, I opted for a glossier purple lip color even though I did start with a matte but then I went over it with a regular purple lippie.

I didn't want to go too literal by replicating with a wig so I just pulled back my natural hair and let the makeup stand on it's own without any earrings.

Also for my version of her look, I used the same masquerade palette from Juvias Place, my L.A Girl Matte liquid lipstick and a purple lipstick in His Hibiscus from True Color.

Last but not least is one of my very favorite makeup artists in Lagos Nigeria, the dark and lovely Layefa. Her rise to fame and popularity is an inspiring one and I thoroughly enjoy watching her makeup tutorials on YouTube. She is so humble and thankful for how far she's come in her career that attempting to recreate one of her looks was my absolute pleasure.

I love this look because of the dark vampy lips and the way she styled her hair. By the way, Layefa's eyebrow game is one of the best and most natural looking ones I've seen so if you want to know how to get yours looking just as flawless, be sure to check out any of her many tutorials.

For my version of her look, I went with blue on the eyes and layered with a similar color pigment instead of the yellow/gold shades she went with.

I chose to mix black and dark blue liquid lipsticks to try and recreate the midnight blue color she had on because black by itself would have been too dark and the blue by itself would not have been dark enough.

In my inner tearduct, I used a lime green color and threw on this full curly wig tied with an ankara scarf for a different spin on the hair look.

To recreate Layefa's look, I used a different Juvias Place palette but this time, it was the Zulu palette. I used a blue NYX pigment and a blue eyeliner for my waterline that is from NickAk. My mix of lipsticks is the black liquid catsuit from Wet n Wild and the blue is the vivid hot lacquer from Maybelline.

All the above ladies have YouTube channels like I said so you can search for them with the same names provided. Pin this post if you liked it and you can let these ladies know that they continue to inspire many of us everyday.

Have yourselves a special weekend darlings and I'll see you next Tuesday!

Always Love💖


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