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Shopping in December is always difficult for me because of all the holiday sales, add that to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, endless deals, discounts and my head is just absolutely reeling from all the choices and for a recovering shopperholic like myself, this is never good.

This month I shopped in a ton of places, everywhere from Shoe Carnival, Sears and Ross to Macy's, Target and JC Penny but for the purpose of today's post, I'm only reviewing my purchases from popular online store, SheIn and Charlotte Russe otherwise we all would be here all dang day. Everyone and their great aunt shops from SheIn for all of the same reasons I do; their stuff is affordable, they've got good quality items, packages can be tracked and they have a slew of trendy, fashionable and timelss pieces like you would not believe. I have bought so many things from this gem of an Asian site and with 90% of my purchases, I've been satisfied. It was no different when I ordered these 3 pieces below that I styled quite amateurishly as flat lays (apologies for the patheticness of the styling..thats a legit word right?). However, I intend to actually rock these pieces and put up pics on Instagram so make sure you are keeping up with me to see that.

I was completely obsessed with this striped long coat and pant co-ord  set from the moment I saw it because why not and I knew I had to get it with a plan to buy also in the blue color it comes in. I love the long, loose pant that allows me wear heels giving me the illusion of being taller than I really am. Co-ords are a girl's best friend, only second to diamonds for the obvious versatility in styling options. I already see myself styling the top in about 7 different ways so look out for those on instagram too.

Recently, I blogged about my love for all things camo here so I went looking specifically for a jacket or coat and came across this one on the site. There were tons of other styles to pick from of course but I decided on this long coat for a few reasons: it comes with a belt and the double breasted style totally appeals to me. I can cinch in my waist with the belt and wear the coat as a dress or style it as I did here just going all out camo complete with military style boots.

Next, I selected this belted shirt dress because I've been longing to style one in white with over the knee boots for a chic night time look. I was scared that the material would feel cheap and flimsy like my school uniform in high school (no offence) but I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and it was good quality ployester. It comes with this construction-style belt that adds that extra bit of character to the dress.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, my sister and her hubby usually take the kids to North Park Mall for their annual pictures with Santa and to sit with other kids for a Christmas story which they love by the way.

The mall boasts of all the trendy stores we love to shop from like H&M, Zara, Pink, Sephora, Morphe, Steve Madden and a bunch of others.

While I only admired some from the outside, I walked into others just to see what was going on or if I'd feel compelled to buy anything.

I chose to first walk in to see what was up at Zara and H&M but nothing in these places excited me. The colors felt dull and stuffy, nothing called out to me loudly enough to get me into the usual arguement I have with my purse and better judgement when I typically walk into stores like these.

It wasn't until I walked into Charlotte Russe that I immediately began to have that arguement I spoke about earlier. The colours in the store were so bright, vivid and vibrant that I spent the first 15 minutes just admiring it all before anything else.

As if I wasn't already dreading the damage I was about to do, every item in the store was selling for $20 and what?? where was I supposed to begin? This is where a personal shopper would have been nice because I couldn't deal and usually when I'm blown away like this, I end up buying things I don't even want. But and however, I gathered my wits about me, gave myself a pep talk and forged on with conviction that this was going to be a great shopping experience.

These colours just made me happy and were what were lacking for me in the other stores I entered previously.

The sweaters were so cute and every style of jeans they had were literally perfect but I wanted something else. I remembered I had been looking for a plaid tuxedo style coat so I did a careful scan around and voila.. I found her..

It's like she was just chilling in the corner, waiting for me to finish being distracted before finally having enough and jumped out at me. $20 got me this beauty that fits like an absolute dream. Styling her is going to be so much fun for me but I want to make sure I do it justice when I do eventually start taking her out for a spin.

Sweater dresses I find to be really chic pieces so when I saw this simple light brown turtle neck one, I was more than happy to get it. Normally, I would have gone for something more colourful but all the fashionistas say that one trick to looking boujee on a budget is to get things in nude, white, blush and muted tones, hence this purchase. I can dress this up or down and pair it with so many style of coats and jackets so I'm excited that I got this.

I decided to get a basic long tee in this rich burgundy colour that retailed for only $8 to style over a pair of leggings or jeggings and this was the perfect piece to get. It is such a soft, stretchy material that fits loose meaning I can stuff my face in peace without looking like a beach whale afterwards.

I was such a makeup snob on this particular shopping trip and simply refused to walk in to any of the multiple makeup stores littered across the mall. Not even James Charles in all his gorgeous glory could motivate me to walk in to Morphe.

Everyone from NYX, Mac, Sephora and Bare Minerals tried but couldn't get me to spend my shhmoney!😛😛

So there you have it my loves, my shopping finds this month of December and dare I say the rest of the year. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I shopped in a couple of other places and maybe I will preview a few looks on my instagram page. I also recall mentioning in my Tuesday post that today would be my last official post for the year. It's time to take a step back, enjoy the holiday season, re-group and come back in 2019 refreshed and with hopefully some fresh new content. Stay following on my socials to see if I get up to anything fun...

Happy Holidays to everyone and my prayer for the new year is that there will be an abundance of healing, love and unity to strengthen us over all the losses and deaths that were encountered this year. Thank you to all of my readers from all around the world who have chosen to come on this blogging journey with me. I appreciate every single one of you.

Always Love💖💖

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