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Sickle Cell Disease  is the most prevalent genetic disorder in the World Health Organization's African region and Nigeria alone accounts for more than 100,000 new births every year. It is the country with the highest burden of the disease in the world. Sadly, my own family is a part of this statistic as I lost my only brother two years ago to complications from this disease. It has been a daily battle to come to terms with his death because we were so close being the sibling born right after me. There is a lot of information available out there about Sickle Cell and how specialists in the field are working feverishly to find a cure that is not so expensive and out of reach for the average Nigerian dealing with it. I have a younger sister who is still living with the disease today and it breaks my heart to see all the pain she has to endure and bags of medication she has to swallow on a daily basis. As a sibling of a sickle cell warrior, a sickle cell victim, and a carrier of


I'm extremely happy to be starting my blog after so many years of procrastinating and waiting for what I claimed was going to be the "right time" but after my life literally changed so drastically only 2 short years ago, I knew I had to do this. I have so many passions and goals that I hope to reflect here and I know that this blog is going to be the door that opens all the other doors I am intent on breaking down. IBOGIRLMAFIATHEBRAND is about to become my life and mission and I am happy to bring you all on this journey with me. Look out for posts from me at least 2 to 3 times a week. On this blog, I will address all of my interests from love and heartbreak to beauty and style to a new business venture I'm starting, fashion and everything in between.