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                                 Yesterday I decided to stress my sister out and made her take these pictures for me for today's post. It was hectic but thankfully, we got it all done. I came up with what would be my ideal summer make-up look and complemented it with four different outfit pairings that I would rock for different occasions. The look is a combination of yellows, greens and oranges, which in my opinion represent the perfect summer colours. They are bold, vibrant and fun and can be worn during the day or at night time. To achieve the look, I only used drugstore products and was light handed in my application of each product so the look didn't come across heavy or cakey...this is the summer after all.


INSECURITIES!! We all have them! but if you are anything like me, you absolutely detest that you do. I have somewhat of a Type A personality and so I very much am the type that likes to be in control of my surroundings, circumstances and emotions; when I'm not, I get irritable and frustrated. For many years, it felt like I was not in control of my life and especially growing up in an African household where your life isn't really your own until you are married and living on your own, it made things particularly maddening for me. When I started working, it began to feel like I had some semblance of control but then not too long ago, life took another sudden and unexpected turn for me, sending my world as I knew it spiralling yet again out of my control. Once again, I found myself in familiar territory but dealing with a host of insecurities that were unfamiliar and unwanted in my 30s.


Having sickle cell anaemia comes with a lot of trials and obstacles in life. Growing up I wasn’t able to play and do all the things kids did without fatigue setting in moments after; I’d be short of breath, tired, sore and sometimes this could lead to a crisis. I remember back in primary school when the school organized a fun sports day, I had the bright idea that I wanted to do the hurdles race. I had long legs and felt like it would be fun to do that race as I had never done anything like that before, and it was. I scaled over each bench that was put as an obstacle with ease, moving at the speed of light in my mind, I came 2 nd   to last in that race by the way. Either way it was very exciting and I had lots of fun in that moment celebrating with friends, 10 mins afterwards though I would find myself waking up in the nurse’s office. I had apparently passed out and I was sore when I came to (woke up). Thankfully a little rest did the trick this time and I didn’t have to spend a