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For the past 3 weeks, I have been following a very strict weight loss regimen that had me on a diet of not more than 800 calories with very few snack options. The goal was to shed a pound to 2 pounds a day, control my appetite and watch my food portions. When I started, I was weighing in at 204 pounds ( with 207 being the heaviest I've ever been) and by the end of 3 weeks, I weighed in at 190 pounds. The results were huge for me because if you know me, you know I like to eat and I have what is called "oral fixation". I have to be eating something almost all the time, I have a sweet tooth, care nothing about portion control and soda is my water. Every day, without fail, my mom would comment on just how big I was getting and how it wasn't the best for me health-wise; she has been saying this for years but of course I never listen. I liked to eat so I ate! Pretty soon I realized that my clothes were fitting a bit too snug (that's if they still fit at all), my chee


I'm not typically a confrontational person and usually I try to avoid such situations as much as I can; I can say I have been quite successful in this endeavor and continue to make a conscious effort to keep my life conflict-free. I have made it a point to live my life this way not because I am necessarily afraid of conflict but because I don't care to give energy to it. Be that as it may, there are times in life when it would seem that we can't avoid getting into or being part of conflicts - in the workplace, in our friendships and relationships or even with complete strangers. There's always that one individual at your job who takes pleasure in testing the limits of your patience or that one friend who is so inconsistent and bi-polar that conflict with them simply can't be avoided. It gets tricky when the conflicts come in your relationship because you want to be able to display enough maturity to handle any difficult situation but at the same time, you must kn


So it finally happened! After 3 years of being crisis free, my sister woke up last week Monday morning with moderate to severe back and joint pains with an added case of bad nausea. I had woken up to use the bathroom but noticed that as she would be making her way back to bed, she would rush back out to throw up some more. I became concerned, asked her what was going on and of course my mom hears my question and that startles her out of bed too with an instant look of worry spread across her face. My sister was in pain and as the hours passed, it got progressively worse, she could not eat anything at this point because she would throw it up instantly. The decision was made to take her to the hospital to put her on much stronger pain meds and try to find out what had brought on this episode of pain.