Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Over the past few months, I've attempted to describe Sickle Cell Disease from a personal point of view being that my family has been and still is affected by it. I have shared personal stories as well as facts on the disease and and I personally have learned a couple of new things just from doing my own research online. You may or may not recall every single thing I've shared so in order to make things a bit more concise, below are 10 facts I think you should know about SCD.

Saturday, July 28, 2018


pleated maxi 
black maxi dress

I simply can't get over my love for maxi dresses and I know I've mentioned before how I continue to buy them, how I can't recall just how many I've owned over the years and still own today. I've put together 5 looks showing some of my current favorites that are on heavy rotation in my closet at the moment. However I must admit that I'm one of those people that don't care what season it is, I wear maxi dresses whenever I like.

Maxi dresses are flattering, look elegant on everyone (if you wear the right one) and can immediately transform your look from 0-100. As with all outfits, styling is key and once you can figure out how best to flatter and enhance your features, these beauties will have you turning heads wherever you go. Every 'fashionista' should have at least one or two prime pieces in her collection and like the LBD or classic white shirt, maxi dresses are a staple for the stylish girl's wardrobe.

1. The African Piece - As a full Nigerian girl, my local Nigerian outfits are never far from reach for me and I own a number of pieces that I wear proudly. Having the local 'ankara' fabric made into dresses is a no-brainer and this hot red cold-shoulder number is one of my most treasured because the color pops just enough to grab your attention and complements my skin tone oh so nicely. I never fail to receive compliments anytime I wear this gem and will continue to rock it for as long as I am able.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Self-es.teem - noun - meaning confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self respect".

I am starting with the definition of the word because I need it to resonate with you, with me, with all of us. Who among us has never had self-esteem issues? Which one of us can truly say we haven't at one time or another doubted our worth or abilities? I know I have and it's not usually a one time occurence for many of us; we can struggle on the job, in our relationships, among friends and peers or in general, unfamiliar situations. As a 30 something year old woman, it would be safe to assume that having self-esteem issues is not a concern and that I have supreme confidence in my abilities (which I do) but I still struggle every now and then like I'm sure we all do. With my blogging, I sometimes question if I'm a good enough writer and whether I articulate myself as clearly and as exceptionally as I believe all writers should be able to. I equate my worth as an effective blogger sometimes by how many views or comments my posts get, yet somehow I manage to keep putting out content each week. I question whether the things I write about resonate with anyone or if in fact people care but part of having good self-esteem is to have a positive evaluation of oneself. Positive self-evaluation means not personalizing every occurence in my life to the point where it starts to negatively affect my sensitivities.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Sickle cell disease comes with a lot of health complications that could leave a lifelong mark on the persons life. I have personally gone through and conquered a lot in life and can only give God all the glory that I’m still alive today. There were a few minor things during my childhood, but the star contender throughout has been the crisis pain. Other than the sickle cell pain crisis, I have suffered a few other things from this ranging from leg ulcers to a stroke and everything in between.

Saturday, July 21, 2018


For the past 3 weeks, I have been following a very strict weight loss regimen that had me on a diet of not more than 800 calories with very few snack options. The goal was to shed a pound to 2 pounds a day, control my appetite and watch my food portions. When I started, I was weighing in at 204 pounds ( with 207 being the heaviest I've ever been) and by the end of 3 weeks, I weighed in at 190 pounds. The results were huge for me because if you know me, you know I like to eat and I have what is called "oral fixation". I have to be eating something almost all the time, I have a sweet tooth, care nothing about portion control and soda is my water. Every day, without fail, my mom would comment on just how big I was getting and how it wasn't the best for me health-wise; she has been saying this for years but of course I never listen. I liked to eat so I ate! Pretty soon I realized that my clothes were fitting a bit too snug (that's if they still fit at all), my cheeks were doing the most and my tummy had almost tripled in size..let's just say my "cute and sexy" was struggling and fast becoming "fat and lazy".

Thursday, July 19, 2018


I'm not typically a confrontational person and usually I try to avoid such situations as much as I can; I can say I have been quite successful in this endeavor and continue to make a conscious effort to keep my life conflict-free. I have made it a point to live my life this way not because I am necessarily afraid of conflict but because I don't care to give energy to it. Be that as it may, there are times in life when it would seem that we can't avoid getting into or being part of conflicts - in the workplace, in our friendships and relationships or even with complete strangers. There's always that one individual at your job who takes pleasure in testing the limits of your patience or that one friend who is so inconsistent and bi-polar that conflict with them simply can't be avoided. It gets tricky when the conflicts come in your relationship because you want to be able to display enough maturity to handle any difficult situation but at the same time, you must know when these conflicts are becoming more frequent with fewer resolutions. When this is the case, it can become so energy draining that walking away from such a relationship or friendship may be the lasting solution.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


So it finally happened! After 3 years of being crisis free, my sister woke up last week Monday morning with moderate to severe back and joint pains with an added case of bad nausea. I had woken up to use the bathroom but noticed that as she would be making her way back to bed, she would rush back out to throw up some more. I became concerned, asked her what was going on and of course my mom hears my question and that startles her out of bed too with an instant look of worry spread across her face. My sister was in pain and as the hours passed, it got progressively worse, she could not eat anything at this point because she would throw it up instantly. The decision was made to take her to the hospital to put her on much stronger pain meds and try to find out what had brought on this episode of pain.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


 It is images and covers such as these that ought to motivate every young woman to strive for success and while many may argue that Kylie Jenner is not worthy of a Forbes Cover because she already comes from "wealth", I think she ought to be commended for what she has been able to do for herself. It would have been easier to simply be content with being a "rich kid" but she decided to go out on her own, build herself an empire in the process and now she is set to be the youngest female billionaire in the next year. If that isn't considered motivation for you then I'm not sure what could be.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


We all come to that point in life, regardless of age , when things stop making sense to us for a bit and we can't really identify what our purpose is or where we fit in. Nothing is adding up, very little brings us joy and the motivation to do anything at all is simply lacking. But the question is why do we feel this way sometimes? I probably asked myself this question everyday for the first few years of my 30s and I came up with 2 possible reasons:

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


 It goes without saying that fluid intake is very important for people with SCD as this helps prevent the sickle cells from sticing and causing pain. However, the importance of a good and healthy diet can not be over-emphasized because eating well helps sickle cell sufferers with the much needed energy boost required to catch up with their peers. Good Nutrition for people with sickle cell is necessary to promote health and prevent complications and their diet should consist of plenty of calories, vitamins, minerals and protein. Folic acid supplements are usually always also prescribed by a doctor to help produce new cells and I know that this is something my brother and sister have had to take everyday of their lives without fail.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


 Until very recently, I used to think my passions were Fashion and Beauty, and while I truly do enjoy those things, they do not light as much of a fire under me as I initially thought. I have discovered that my real passion lies in Creative Thinking and Writing. I enjoy blogging, thinking up new content and coming up with ideas for TV, Magazines, events etc. Discovering that this was where my passion and purpose lay did not happen overnight; in fact it took years of trying different things before realizing where my talents truly fluorished. I used to feel so embarrassed not knowing what I should be doing with my life and would be talked into taking jobs (just for the steady paycheck) while spending my time and resources on things I thought I loved. One thing I've always known though is that I wanted to be my own boss, busy doing all the things I'm passionate about and creating a lifestyle for myself that I can be proud of and even though I feel like I'm late to the game, I believe I arrived at this realization at exactly the right moment and am on my way to building a life for myself from it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Signs and Symptoms of Sickle Cell Anemia vary from person to person and do tend to change overtime. It affects almost every area of the body and is considered life threatening if not promptly attended to bby a doctor. Though Sickle Cell Anemia is usually diagnosed in infancy, it is considered time to seek  medical help if your child starts to develop/display any of the following symptoms or problems: