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pleated maxi  black maxi dress I simply can't get over my love for maxi dresses and I know I've mentioned before how I continue to buy them, how I can't recall just how many I've owned over the years and still own today. I've put together 5 looks showing some of my current favorites that are on heavy rotation in my closet at the moment. However I must admit that I'm one of those people that don't care what season it is, I wear maxi dresses whenever I like. Maxi dresses are flattering, look elegant on everyone (if you wear the right one) and can immediately transform your look from 0-100. As with all outfits, styling is key and once you can figure out how best to flatter and enhance your features, these beauties will have you turning heads wherever you go. Every 'fashionista' should have at least one or two prime pieces in her collection and like the LBD or classic white shirt, maxi dresses are a staple for the stylish girl's wardrobe.


Self-es.teem - noun - meaning confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self respect". I am starting with the definition of the word because I need it to resonate with you, with me, with all of us. Who among us has never had self-esteem issues? Which one of us can truly say we haven't at one time or another doubted our worth or abilities? I know I have and it's not usually a one time occurence for many of us; we can struggle on the job, in our relationships, among friends and peers or in general, unfamiliar situations. As a 30 something year old woman, it would be safe to assume that having self-esteem issues is not a concern and that I have supreme confidence in my abilities (which I do) but I still struggle every now and then like I'm sure we all do. With my blogging, I sometimes question if I'm a good enough writer and whether I articulate myself as clearly and as exceptionally as I believe all writers should be able to. I equate my worth as an effec


Sickle cell disease comes with a lot of health complications that could leave a lifelong mark on the persons life. I have personally gone through and conquered a lot in life and can only give God all the glory that I’m still alive today. There were a few minor things during my childhood, but the star contender throughout has been the crisis pain. Other than the sickle cell pain crisis, I have suffered a few other things from this ranging from leg ulcers to a stroke and everything in between.