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I enjoy the flexibility and versatility of fashion today and how we have all come to be so much more experimental and expressive with our clothes. A good statement t-shirt has always been a fashion staple; with the ability to dress it up or down, making it appropriate attire for any occasion or event and one of my many favourite pieces to style. Fashion bloggers worldwide have all shared how they like to style their favourite t-shirts and given us tips on how we can too. A statement shirt is not only a trendy or fashionable item, they can capture our moods, express our personalities, be humorous, motivate, encourage and even remind us of things we wouldn't like to forget. Fashionpreneurs have been creating amazing statement t-shirts for sometime now and I encourage everone to get your hands on a few because on those days when you have nothing to wear (and we all have them), a good statement t-shirt is always a good idea. Today, I decided to style a few t-shirts I own and am


I think it was a few years ago when this term was coined and left many of us looking a lot more closely at our friends to determine who was really more of a frenemy than actual friend. For some of us, admitting that we had one or two in our circle was more difficult than anticipated and it left us wondering how to handle our relationship/friendship moving forward. Thinking about my own friendships over the years, I realize that I've never really had that many female friends to begin with because I made a conscious effort to avoid them; I found them to be a tad dramatic and overly sensitive (all the things I was myself, lol) and the saying that "you are what you attract' would often come to mind. This forced me to take more of an indepth look at myself and now I can say that the friendships I have are nothing but loving, uplifting and supportive. If you read my post on friendships I


Sickle Cell has left behind a few scars on my sister as I'm sure it has with many other sufferers and just at the age of 25, she has sadly physically gone through a lot. She only just recently again came home from yet another crisis episode after a few days in hospital where it was discovered that she had developed a 4.8cm large sized ovarian cyst. Thankfully, it is not at the point where her doctors were concerned about a torsion (a situation where the weight of the cyst causes the ovaries to flip over which results in significant pain in the lower abdomen) but have her on scheduled observations and meds to avoid an emergency situation.