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As promised, every fortnight, I will attempt to review a variety of things I find at Target; it won't be restricted to just clothing finds but will also include accessories, homeware and other random bits and bobs. Today, I'll start with a couple of clothes I already picked up from the store that were in my opinion, pretty cool finds and I will also show you how I styled them. For the benefit of any International readers here, Target is an upscale discount retail store that provides high quality and on-trend merchandise at very attractive prices. They are the second largest department store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart. They have over 1000 stores in the U.S and as their name suggests, they aim at providing all of the basic needs of their 'target' customers. Usually, when I shop for clothes at Target, my first stop is the Sales/Clearance rack for a few reasons: firstly, I'm a babe on a tight budget, secondly, I always find great pieces


In life or any endeavour, failure is inevitable and infact almost every successful enterpreneur, athlete, artist or anyone currently at the top of their game will encourage you to embrace failure and see it as a learning or growing moment. This is often typically referred to as 'failing forward' which simply means using failure as fuel for success or in other words, becoming better because of your mistakes.


As you all already know, I carry the sickle cell trait, which means I have inherited one gene for normal hemoglobin and one for the sickle hemoglobin. This is how I and others like me differ from those who have sickle cell disease. For most people, having SCT comes with no medical issues and has no symptoms; however in rare cases, some people can display symptoms like: 1. Pain/discomfort at high altitudes 2. Problems exercising in hot or humid weather 3. Blood in their urine