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On Friday, the 14th of September, I turned 38 years old and as I woke up the morning of, I was overcome by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and thankfulness for the last one year. The past couple of years for me have been filled with such sadness, doubt, a tremendous sense of loss and general confusion about my life and journey.I didn't quite know how to process the emotions that were raging within me and chief among them was immense frustration in the knowledge that yet again, I was having to push the re-start button on my life. It seemed like I had done that so many times before and it annoyed me quite a bit to have to be doing it yet again and this time in a foreign country. Along with the frustration came insecurities, fears of every kind, self doubt and even comparing my life to friends my age who had gotten married, had kids, were building businesses and progressing in their careers while I was back at the bottom of the ladder trying to climb back up. I was not in a go


From time immemorial, people have always compared themselves to others; from looks and lifestyle to possessions, career and opportunity. Sometimes you can tell when there is a bit of comparison going on (often in the form of competition) either between friends, colleagues and even mere acquaintances and with the advent of social media this has only gotten progressively worse. We are all trying to keep up appearances, act like we've all got our shit together, that life is beautiful and everything is popping and 'on fleek' (doubt that we even still use that term anymore...sigh!) even when we all know that life is never smooth sailing for anybody. As more and more people post their successes and 'glamorous lifestyles for all to see, still more people are getting stuck in the disease of comparing their realities to what they see on social media. Everyone is trying to present an edited, glossy visual of what their lives really are and it's all because of the images we


Having sickle cell in my family and seeing firsthand all the health complications that come with it prompted me to learn about what other common blood disorders there were out there and how SCD varies in comparison. Blood disorders can affect any of the 3 main components of blood namely: - The Red Blood Cells: which carry oxygen to the body's tissues - The White Blood Cells: which fight infections - Platelets: which help blood to clot They can also affect the liquid portion of the blood called plasma. Types of Blood Disorders include: 1. Anemia 2. Hemophilia (which is a bleeding disorder) 3. Blood Clots 4. Blood Cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma