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Checking out all of the Fall fashion suggestions, recommendations and picks from the different fashion brands has subtly influenced my picks for today's lookbook. Everyone from Macys, Net-A-Porter, Target and even Stitchfix have all come out with their must-haves for the new season and across the brands, I see florals, plaid, olives and mustards, clean lines and an array of patterns that exude confidence, charm and character. As I have probably said in the past, I rarely follow trends or what the 'fashion experts' tell me I should be wearing in any given season because I believe I have found what is my own personal style. I always go for comfort, fit and anything that complements my style aesthetic. I also said I was going to show you how I infuse a bit of summer into my fall fashion and hopefully the looks I've come up with will reflect that. Also, i must apologize for the picture quality of some of the images. We have been having some pretty gloomy weather in Tex


Forgiveness- Easy to say, difficult to do but recomended for the purpose of healing, a chance at happiness and growth.We all have been in situations where we are faced with the choice to forgive someone or continue to hold them in unforgiveness and while the ability to do so may depend sometimes on the gravity of the offence, it is indeed true when they say that forgiveness is for you and not for the one who hurt you. 


Is this possible or even adviseable to try to do? I think it's common knowledge that Africans in general are very traditional and religious/spiritual people who look for alternative ways to treat illnesses and diseases either by prayer or traditional medicine. This they do possibly for one of two reasons: