Thursday, January 31, 2019


For 5 days last week, I was privy to be blessed by being a part of the 5 Nights Of Glory (#5NOG) that took place at Salvation Ministries Church in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I watched online from Texas here and at the the risk of sounding too 'churchy' for some folks, it was a program that I was indeed blessed by.

My girlfriend invited me to be a part of this year's event that started off with about 2 weeks of fasting and prayers (I like food so this was hard yo!). I'm happy that I did not allow the usual cynicism (or my oral fixation) prevent me from accessing my inheritance in God. This was the theme for this year and it was packed full with testimonies, miracles, scripture and much needed prayers.

Each day, the pastor elaborated on a different aspect of the theme and they include:

1. Fruitfulness
2. Know Who You Are
3. (Study) The Word
4. Service and;
5. Favor

Rich with accompanying scripture, these topics were brought to life in the most simple yet powerful way. It was wonderful to know and be reminded that our Father is truly a loving one who wants to always bless and prosper us. I know that as christians, sometimes it is hard to walk the walk especially when we see others prosper and do well who not even serve God or follow His teachings but in those moments, we must realize that adhering to basic kingdom principles of 'giving' and 'serving' is what provokes blessings. Our first job as believers is to seek to expand God's kingdom (Matt 6:33) before focusing on ourselves. Our second job is to study and serve in the house of God, all the while not forgetting who we are in Him.

I took away a lot of blessings and re-learned things I had completely forgotten which is another thing we often do as christians because of all the distractions that take away our focus from God. Even though God did not promise us a stress or struggle-free life (Jesus suffered afterall) because we are christians, we have access to a loving, Supreme God who does not want us to struggle like others do if only we know who we are in Him. So who are we?

1. Spirit (John 3:6) - if God is Spirit, then we are like Him
2. gOD (Psalm 82: 5-6) - we are God's representatives here on earth
3. Chosen (Ephesians 1:4) - if we are chosen by God, then we are preferred among men
4. Ambassadors of Christ ( 2 Corin 5:20) - always carry an ambassadorial mentality
5. Sons & Daughters of God (1 John 3:1) - the way God sees Jesus, is the way He sees us
6. Joint Heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17) - we are members of the God's family
7. Lions (Job 22:28) - the lion is ordained to prevail no matter the heat of the battle
8. Citizens of heaven ( Colossians 1:13)
9. Kings & Priests ( Rev 5:10) - we are royalty and should therefore appear that way
10. We have the mind of Christ ( 1 Corin 2:16) - redemption enriches us with the mind of Christ
11. We are the light of the world ( Matt 5: 14) - darkness can not comprehend it
12: We are the salt of the earth (Matt 5: 13) - we should be examples of Christ
13. We are Peculiar ( 1 Peter 2: 9) - new birth repositions us for signs and wonders
14. We have eternal life ( John 3: 15-16) - this denotes the God-kind of life

Serving Him also allows us access to our inheritance when we do so lovingly, willingly, unashamedly, tirelessly, sacrificially and joyfully. Being part of this program was exactly the kick start I needed to set the new year off right. Good vibes, positive energy and happy thoughts are all well and good but getting it right spiritually with your Maker is the most important thing. None of us are perfect nor can we ever hope to be, all we can do is our best and rest in the assurance that our Father is pleased with that.

Accept Jesus as your personal saviour, surround yourself with fellow believers and serve diligently where you worship. Your inheritance is your right as a child of God. Do not let the darkness, sin or misguidance of today's world keep you from accessing it. Provoke the favor of God and claim it. IT IS YOURS!!

Always Love💘

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