Saturday, January 26, 2019


I have a blog and like many others, I show you how I wear my clothes, where I shop, what makeup I use and have even let you in on personal things going on in my life. Why do I do this? Primarily to 'influence' you in some way, shape or form to either buy something, mirror my style choices or more significantly, to not be ashamed of your personal story- whatever it is!

These days, many have woken up to the benefits/perks of influencer marketing as discussed in my last post here with brands of every imagineable kind leveraging on the sentiments people have towards their favorite "influencer". In today's world, where ads alone can no longer single-handedly pull in the consumer, beauty by influence becomes the order of the day. I hope to make this point with 3 style pieces that more recently have flooded the timelines and feeds of all and sundry.

1. The Teddy Coat: Almost every single fashion influencer has been seen in one and all your favorite stores on and offline sold them like this one from SHEIN and other places like ASOS, Missguided and Zara. At a point, it almost seemed like if you didn't own one, you had no right to  call yourself a fashion influencer.

FUN FACT: I did not care for this coat in the slightest and had zero intent on buying.. that was till I found one on my recent shopping trip for the most ridiculous price. Tune in next week for "My Shopping Finds" post to see where I got mine and how much it sold for.

2. The Waist Bag/Fanny Pack: Another fashion item I made no plans to buy till I did, which ties right in to the beauty by influence culture that seems to be order of the day. This miniature size bag was everywhere, seen so often and in so many styles like this one from ALDO that it didn't seem possible that this same style of bag had already made its debut a few years ago. The only difference is that this time, there were influencers to help make it look like the coolest must-have accessory for the modern fashionista.

3. Over-sized Everything: The over-sized trend has been sold to us as the new stylish way to dress. Fashion brands and influencers have us believing that the over-sized jacket, coat and shirt like this one from LILI GAL are chic, cool and make us trendsetters. The images of these and other styles inundate us each time we scroll through our insta feeds or check out our favorite bloggers and influencers. I haven't really jumped on that bandwagon but it's another classic attempt to sell you beauty by influence.

Last year, I posted about fashion trends I didn't quite get, see here incase you missed it and you would agree that a good number of those trends were made popular by influence. Being healthy and staying fit is also another thing that has been made popular and trendy by influence based on the number of influencres we see working out, endorsing some type of tea, restaurant, gym or gear. Why were we not on this 'fitfam' craze 2-3 years ago? There was no influence behind it.

One of the biggest industries benefitting from this trend is the beauty industry. Beauty by influence is the number 1 way our favorite makeup brands reach consumers. Brands like NYX, Too Faced, Mac, Morphe just to name a few now see the benefits of collaborations with beauty influencers while others send PR packages FOC for reviews and giveaways to the influencer's followers. So it has become obvious that this is clearly a thing!

Who can say what the trends will be in the next 3 to 5 years? Will Influencing still be a thing and will brands have figured out new ways to get their products out to you and I? Just thinking out loud here and you can share your thoughts as well in the comments...

Always Love💘

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