Thursday, January 17, 2019


I'll admit it. In 2018, I think I went a little blog crazy revisiting old 'blogfluencers' I've enjoyed over the years and along the way discovering some new ones whose pages I poured through, often binge reading multiple ones at a time.

On some real sh*t, we know we are all visual beings, attracted by pretty images and visuals. This may be why some of my favorite bloggers have started YouTube channels to establish more of an online presence. I still very much enjoy reading blogs though and in 2018, discovered so many new blogs and blogfluencers (as I like to call them) that I felt were worthy of mention just in case you were looking for some new pages to check out or maybe even some forgotten ones to re-engage with for inspiration or even just an enjoyable read.

1. Lades Blog - A Nigerian blogger based in Nigeria, also with a refreshing YouTube channel that I thoroughly enjoy, Lade Ibikunle sprang unto my timeline and I have since followed and subscribed to her social media and YouTube page. You can feel her bubbly personality through her writing making her posts very enjoyable to read.

2. Staples and Style - Another Nigerian fashion and lifestyle blogger whose taste is chic and effortless plus the fact that I can live vicariously through her barely there waistline is another reason why I follow up with her posts. Kachi, who is the blog creator also has a YouTube channel where she displays her love for interior decoration giving another side to her personality through her modern and tasteful style choices.

 3. The Blogger Point - I wonder how I only just found this blog last year but better late than never honestly because this is one blog that consistently provides useful tools I have personally taken advantage of in my own blogging journey. Maryam Salam, the blog creator has a very active social media where TBP (as it goes by) continues to collaborate with new and established bloggers from all over.

4. JTOFashion - Temi Otedola is Nigerian royalty based in the U.K where she has taken her love for editorial like fashion, simple makeup, travel and reading to create something purely magical on her blog and YouTube channel. The professional presentation style of her blog and content makes her a definite favorite and one I certainly recommend. She makes me want to travel more despite my fear of flying.

5. PrincessAudu - An OG blogfluencer! I've been following Princess Audu for years and her content has always remained consistent. She continues to grow in leaps and bounds, taking you on a journey of modest fashion and faith with a writing style that is simple and fluid. Blogging out of Abuja Nigeria, Princess Audu shines a light on indigenous Nigerian fashion and brands giving honest reviews on each and every item she purchases or is sent.

6. Ijeoma Kola - Also a blogfluencer I discovered late last year, her quality images and superb writing are the 2 main things that drew me to her platform. Blog creator Ijeoma, is showing us newbies how its done when it comes to content creating and monetizing a blog. Between blogging, school (not just regular school but a frigging Phd ya'll) and marriage, somehow she makes it all look easy breazy. You simply must check her blog out if you haven't already to see what I mean.

7.  The Odditty -  A young and talented Nigerian blogger based in the United States whose writing skill is exceptional as it is impressive. Sofi (the blog creator) chronicles her journey through college and grad school all the while exhibiting the cool, relatable and fun side to her through her fashion and style. She also has a YouTube page where you will often find her walking you through travel, the fun work opportunities blogging has offered her among other things.

8. This Thing Called Fashion - Created and run by the very stylish Nonye who teaches, educates and informs through beautiful imagery and writing. I find her reviews to be refreshing regardless of what she's talking about and find myself looking forward to her posts.

9. Grace Alex - Initially called t2pitchy (still goes by the name on Instagram), I first learned of Grace's blog a few years ago but stopped keeping up with her posts for no real reason other than life happening. I remember really being drawn to her stylish thrift pieces and it was refreshing to see that she still embraces the thrifting culture many years later. Her writing is effortless and you will be instantly drawn to her stories on moving to America to study, her struggles with all it entails and faith.

I love how these Blogfluencers are all either Nigerians blogging from home or in diaspora. Some people have said that the blogging industry is dying a slow death but with the numerous bloggers out there and more springing up by the day, I beg to disagree. A lot of blogfluencers have been able to turn this creative outlet into a legit business so it gives newbie bloggers like myself hope that though we may have come late into the game, blogging as a creative form of expression can still afford you, if not the life of your dreams, then something close to it.

Blogging may not be as popular as it was some five or more years ago but it is not dying off either. So what do you guys think? Are blogs slowly becoming a thing of the past? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Always Love💘

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