Saturday, January 19, 2019


Another year, another collaboration with my babe Toyosi. It's been almost one year since we did our first makeup collab and you can check it out here if you haven't already seen it. I know we were both really excited for it and this one is no different.

I think we have both grown since the first time and gotten better in terms of our individual content and make up skills so it was an absolute must for us to do another joint effort in the new year. In any industry, I think it's safe to say that there is always some level of competition among peers but with so many of us in this creative space, it only makes sense not to get caught up in comparisons. Instead of the bitchiness and cattiness we often see among creatives, I say 'Don't Hate, Collaborate'.

As we were brainstorming, we came up with the idea of creating easy, simple daytime looks using both high-end and drugstore makeup/eyeshadow palettes with emphasis on the eye looks. Toyosi is a makeup junkie, you need only be subscribed to her YouTube Channel to know that and so she used the James Charles X Morphe palette while I stayed in my lane and used the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil palette to create our different looks.

The inspiration behind my look was a particular color I saw on the Golden Globes Red Carpet earlier this month. Celebrities like Regina King, Nicole Kidman and Ryan Seacrest wore different variations of the color described by them as a Rose or a Pino. One of my favorite makeup artists, Layefa Beauty also just put up a YouTube video using similar colors so that was in my mind, the universe telling me to create this look💭💭. If you don't know the color I'm talking about, this is the dress Regina wore that inspired my look.

Absolutely Gorgeous!!! You may think the color is a bit much for a daytime look but I think I made it work and I could definitely see myself rocking this out on a casual afternoon date with that special someone. I want to leave an impression that says I didn't try too hard but I still look stunning😉!!

I first applied rich plum color from the palette over my eye after priming with both an eyeshadow primer and the Revolution concealer to get good color pay off. I went over that with a liquid eyeshadow from Profusion (pictured) in Sienna for that little bit of shine.

I decided not to use false lashes and simply layered on mascara using the Rimmel Scandal Eyes on my top lashes and the Wet n Wild Megawear mascara for my bottom lashes. I think by not opting for lashes, it gave me that playful, youthful (but grown up) look I was going for.

I also didn't use eyeliner on my lid but took a cue from Layefa and only tight-lined my inner upper lid and waterline with the darkest eye pencil I could find. I like how it came out looking for me even though in her look, Layefa had on false lashes. It gave her look a far more flirtatious vibe.

For the rest of my face, my foundation is a mix of two different shades of the Maybelline Fit Me, overall face powder is by Iman, blush by S.h.e and on my lips is a combination of NYX lip liner in Currant, the Butter gloss in Peach Cobbler and I went over that with the Profusion lip shine.

My girl Toyosi opted for a look that was vibrant enough to be both work appropriate yet could transition into playtime with girlfriends afterwards. As I said before, she used the James Charles X Morphe palette and popped in that gorgeous blue from the Huda Beauty Sapphire Obsession palette to create her stunning eye makeup.

For the rest of her face she has the MAC Ambering Rose blush, Artist Couture highlighter and lashes by Azzerdo 'So Me' Lashes which gives a 10% discount if you use her code YEMI10 with your purchase. To finish, she used the Jordana Matte lipstick in Cinnamon paired with Wet n Wild in Cotton Candy.

This collaboration is one I'm happy we were able to do and perhaps we will make it a thing to do one every year. Even though Toyosi and I have known each-other for 20+ years, little did we know that we would find ourselves in the same creative space all this time after but we have stayed supporting each-other and we encourage everyone to do the same.

What are your thoughts on our individual looks? Do you think we got better or should we go watch a few more YouTube videos? Lol... Comment below.

Enjoy your weekend loves and the next time you see another creative whose content you appreciate or admire, take mine and Toyosi's advice, Don't Hate, Just Collaborate!!

Always Love💘

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