Saturday, January 12, 2019


Last year I showed you guys some outfits I picked up from Shein as part of My Shopping Finds and some of the Christmas gifts I picked up for myself. I also told you that I was excited to style the pieces I got and I swear I tried to do just that with the co-ord set in particular albeit unsuccessfully. 

The first time I tried, we had a storm here in Texas so it didn't happen. The second time, my photog aka my sister, decided she wanted to go live her life by having a fun weekend with her friends instead of staying home to do her job! Lol!! Long story short, I gave up trying and decided to wait till the new year to try again and halleluyah because it finally happened.

As much as fashion evolves, it also repeats itself, giving fashionistas everywhere the chance to be creative and explorative (is that a word?) with their style. It's fun to explore fashion in ways that make it an extension of your personality or style aesthetic and that is exactly one thing that a co-ordinating set is for. Here are the ways I explored the potential of this banging trend:

1. The Complete Set:

Worn together as it came or perhaps as intended is the first obvious way to wear this trend. Wearing this, I imagined myself casually strolling into my very boujiee office while confirming to my my account officer on the phone that the $100,000 credit alert was legit๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

I remember saying I was also going to get this in the blue and I will. It's such a light and airy piece that's worth owning in two colors.

2.  As Separates (Just Pants):

Paired with my favorite grey t-shirt and some statement jewellery, I happen to think that this is a look that even Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada would approve of..๐Ÿ˜‰ It is the classic understated stylish look.

I should also mention that the pants are see through so I have a pair of dark leggins underneath and opted to pair them with some sensible heels owing to its long length.

3. Kimono It:

I live for a top that can double as a kimono and while this look would have been equally cute with some high heels, I chose to wear sneakers for that stylish girl next door vibe that is predominantly my own style aesthetic.

Simply throw on your favorite cross body bag, accessories and you'll have your neighbors wondering or maybe even singing 'whose that girl?' lalalalalalala...I miss Eve๐Ÿ˜ฅ

4. Dress It Up (or Down):

From top to kimono to dress, what's not to love? Belted or unbelted as seen here, this is definitely a look that is so me!

My maxi dress obsession is still alive and well so seeing that I can get a dress out of this top, it is the perfect transformative piece to have in my wardrobe.

I dressed my look down with a pair of sandals because that's just how I like to style my maxis. I never care for a heel whenever I have a long dress on, the dressup part is reflected in my jewellery and other accessories.

5. All Tied Up:

Super casual, super chill vibes is how I want my life and clothes to be. Wear this to go grab drinks or brunch with friends and be cute while you do.

Complement the loose fit of the top with a fitted bottom, a mini purse, some cute booties and you're good to go.

Co-ords are versatile style investments that we have all come to love dearly. In my very uneducated opinion, it is one of the industry's many interpretations of how fashion is/can be explored.

From looks 1 through 5, which is your favorite? Would your next style purchase be a co-ord? Talk to me in the comments.

Always Love๐Ÿ’˜

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