Saturday, January 5, 2019


There are so many reasons why Christmas is a favorite holiday for many. Spending time with family and loved ones, being reminded that Jesus is the reason for the season and let's not forget the endless, obscene amounts of food that we stuff our faces with forgetting that by the time the new year rolls around, all that's left is a tripled waistline and one big roll where your tummy used to be.

In my family, the gifts we give and receive is another reason why I love Christmas. It's the one time of year that everyone actually dips into their savings to get something nice for each-other. Of course I got gifts for myself as well so today and to officially kick off my first post of the new year, here's a look at the gifts I received from friends and family. Enjoy!!

1. Clothes: In my house, I'm the resident "fashionista" so it's never difficult to shop for me. My family knows I always want clothes even though they think I've got too there even such a thing? I realized I needed to get more sweaters so I asked for that and got this mustard yellow from my sister then picked up a grey sweater dress and a green sweater for myself. The Jeggins are from Walmart and I got them because I thought they looked cute plus they were on clearance for $7😜 Can't wait to style...

2. Shoes: If you know me, then you know I kinda have a shoe addiction. I buy them like they're going out of style and one of my good girlfriends who is familiar with my obsession gifted me these red pump gorgeousness from JustFab. I wasn't even expecting them so when they came in the mail, imagine my surprise and sheer joy, I was instantly in love😊. My sister also got me these cute combat boots that have already made its style debut on my Instagram and of course for myself, I got these sand colored booties that were on sale for $20 at J.C Penny.

3. MakeUp: Being the makeup girl that I am, I always get a little something for myself whenever I can..which is all the time...but that's beside the point😜. On a random trip to the beauty supply store, I picked up these bits that I thought my collection needed. A blush palette from She, foundation from L.A Girl, L.A Girl eyeshadow primer in black, a lip liner and an eyebrow pencil from NickAk.

Another good girlfriend who just happens to be more of a makeup enthusiast than I am thought I should have some high end goodies and got me the Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes in Emerald and Amethyst. I've already dipped into them to create some cute looks that have also been shared on my Instagram. I was truly touched to have received these from my bae, Toyosi because she knew I had these 2 on my wishlist. Thanks Boo😚. P.S- another makeup collab with the two of us coming soon.

4. Jewellery: I also love jewellery and have a ton of them already but what's a couple more right? Lol.. I don't think I paid more than $5 for the lot and I find that I'm just really drawn to big, statement earrings so I find myself buying them each and every time. These were also from the beauty supply store and as you can tell, I am yet to wear any of them but that's going to change soon.

5. Bonus Gifts: My sister's mother-in-law was so sweet to have gotten me this very classy and classic backpack from J.C Penny. I almost prefer carrying backpacks to bags or purses so I very much appreciated this gift. I like that the colors are classic black and brown which means it will pair well with any outfit.

Last but by no means the least was probably the most special gift of all and it was this HP laptop that my wonderful mom got me. I had been saving for a new laptop already so receiving this just blew my mind because it was certainly NOT what I thought she would get me. Its sleek, smooth design just makes me excited to blog and create.

Along with the Canon Camera my sister got me for my birthday last year, I can start hopefully taking nicer quality pictures to give my content the much needed visual upgrade which I'm hoping you can tell already from this post.

Thanks to my awesome friends and family for the wonderful gifts, I truly loved each and every one. I really am pumped for what the new year has in store, which is very unlike last year, and looking forward to bringing you more fun and hopefully engaging content. With that being said, happy new year once again and see you next Tuesday!

Always Love💘

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