Thursday, January 10, 2019


Each New Year always brings with it a level of excitement and hope for what is to come either personally or professionally and so will often lead many to set out making resolutions that never make it past the first quarter of the year. People have discovered that setting small achieveable goals make more sense and with that have said adios to Resolutions! Shmesolutions!!

I personally gave up on making resolutions years ago because like most people, by February I would have gone right back to doing the very thing I resolved not to do. I wonder why that is? Why do we fall off the wagon on the things we were so gong-ho about at the start of a new year? If you have a clue as to why resolutions don't stick, please share them in the comments. Vision Boarding is a relatively new concept to me although many have been doing it for years. I have made one for the new year and set my goals around what I have on my board, typed out on my laptop to remind myself everyday of the things I need to work towards.

I prefer to break my goals up into small, medium and long term goals and what this does is allow me pace myself. I don't get overwhelmed or feel pressured to tick everything off the box by one singular date. Rather I'm motivated to keep working hard after successfully completing a task.

Some of my 2019 goals therefore include:

- to keep blogging consistently 3 times a week just as I started
- to get better at writing and content creating
- to do more collaborations and writing for other platforms

2018 was a helluva year for me as I lost friends and loved ones, struggled more than I triumphed and failed more than I won but 2019 is poised to be different #speakingitintoexistence. I hope to share more of the fun and funnier side to me just because I want to be conscious and intentional about getting away from all the darkness that tried to pull me down in 2018 and even the year before.

So cheers to a more productive, prosperous and fruitful 2019 for us all. Sending love, kisses and good vibes your way. The Ibogirl train has officially left the station.

Have you set your 2019 goals? You should if you haven't already and say goodbye to those pesky resolutions! shmesolutions!! that never get off the ground.

Always Love💘

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