Thursday, February 14, 2019


Happy Valentine's Day beautiful people! I hope that even as we set aside this very special day to love those who mean the most to us, we won't forget that everyday is an opportunity to let them know that having them (whoever they may be) in our lives means everything and makes everyday feel like Valentine's.

Not wanting to be left out of all the fun on social media, with fashion bloggers all coming out with outfit inspirations for however you choose to spend the day, I also had to come up with some ideas of my own and put together 5 Valentine's day outfit inspirations you can rock out as you celebrate with loved ones. So without wasting time, let's get into the fashion shall we?

1. Daytime Date With A Potential Boo:

So there's a budding boo on the horizon and he has asked to take you out on valentine's day to spend some time getting to know or discover more of each-other. This is the look you put together to let him know that you indeed have it going on.

This Charlotte Russe long burgundy top and jogger pants paired with heels is chic, elegant with just the right amount of understated sexy.

2. Going Out With My Girls aka Galentine's Day Out:

Remember this Charlotte Russe outfit from my last shopping finds? I decided that it was the perfect piece to rock for a day out with girlfriends.

Paired with comfy black flats and a denim jacket for warmth (as much as style), you are ready to hit the town with your favorite girls.

3. Fancy Shmancy Dinner Date:

Of course after showing out on your daytime date, you earned the right to dazzle on a lovely dinner date with your now bae.

This tuxedo dress also from Charlotte Russe is sexy yet tasteful, showing off your beautiful legs and glistening skin. Not going overboard with accessories or jewellery allows this classy outfit do all the talking.

4. Me, Myself & The Movies:

So what if you don't have a date and all your girlfriends are out spending the day out with their significant other. Does that mean you have to do the whole netflix and chill thing by yourself? No ma'am...

Put your cutest pinkest skirt on, a casual tee, your favorite thigh highs and buy yourself 2 or 3  tickets to the movies. Ignore all the lovebirds you may see around and just love on yourself sis. You ARE fabulous after all.

5. We Be Clubbin':

With your girls or with your man, this purple bandage dress from Express screams 'I'm Ready To Dance The Night Away' while flattering your curves in all the right places.

Just accessorize with a print bomber jacket, your favorite heels and this show stopping dress is all you need to party the night away.

So what did you think of my 5 Valentines's Day Outfit Inspirations? Did I nail the looks and which will you be rocking today?

Hola at your girl in the comments and again, Happy Valentine's Day to you all. May the day bring you the love and butterflies you deserve.

Always Love💘

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