Saturday, February 2, 2019


Two weeks ago, on MLK day, I hooked up with the lovely Mrs. Biodun Da-Silva who is the brain behind for a girl's day out filled with food, good ol' retail therapy and some positive vibes. We had been talking about collaborating for a while and finally got a chance to hang out and chop it up with regards to life in general, our blogging journeys and individual causes.

Biodun is passionate about women finding their voice in all situations whether it be in personal or professional situations and you all know my cause is promoting sickle cell awareness in simple and easy ways such that everyone can understand it.

Our day started out at the African American Museum where a lot of vendors were on ground to showcase their different products and services. We were invited by a friend of Biodun who was a vendor herself at the event.

Naturally, we both patronized her by getting a chiffon top for Biodun and a lovely animal print jumpsuit for myself that Biodun was gracious enough to purchase for me.

This was about 2 sizes too big for me but I may have figured out a way to style it so it works (look out for that on my Instagram soon).

I wanted to buy some jewellery so bad but was able to restrain myself and just take pictures. Maybe that's why I posed like this for a pic😄

My kid sister signed up to participate in this walk to create sickle cell awareness and to educate people about the disease by KIER'S HOPE which  she is looking forward to this June. It was a fun time here but after hanging out for about 2 hours, we headed out to North Park Mall for some more shopping and chatting.

You guys already know how I feel about this mall and that Charlotte Russe is usually the first store I stop by for obvious reasons. Needless to say we did stop by and of course were not disappointed.

Biodun picked up some pairs of jeans and a cute blazer dress while I was able to lay my hands on a fanny pack and these plaid dungarees that I am eager to style possibly in the Spring.

In my recent post, Beauty By Influence I talked about the fanny pack being a trend that was made popular by influencers in recent times and it was for this edition of my shopping finds that I found one I liked at Charlotte Russe.

I don't know what fanny packs go for usually but this cost just $10 and I attempted to casually style it here

We were satisfied with our finds at this point but my sister wanted us to walk into another store, Cotton On where there were some pretty amazing sales going on

This store has an amazing array of casual pieces but the most awesome thing I found and I mentioned this in my Beauty by Influence post was a teddy coat going for the ridiculous price of $5!!😮

I paid that $5 quick and sprang out of there before they changed their mind and realized what a huge mistake they had made...#byefelicia!

This is the perfect piece for the kind of harsh winter we have been having lately. It's warm, cozy and oh so comfortable. Right now, its serving more of a functional purpose than merely a fashionable one. Biodun didn't buy anything here but opted to take some pics instead..

Cute Sis!! Not wanting to be left out, I took one myself😊

We looked around a couple more stores and eventually sat down to a yummy lunch from Panda Express at the food court. It was here we discussed plans for our blogs and how we hoped to elevate this year.

We can't have food without drinks can we? So here's just a shot of our drinks..

You may or may not know that I've written an article for her blog before while she has equally featured on mine when I was just starting out. You can see that post here.

Since this outing was more of a fun day out, we plan to come up with something more eventful in the future where we hopefully can invite more sisters out and make a real event out of it. I enjoyed this month's edition of my shopping finds and hope you did too. Make sure you keep up with Biodun's posts on her blog and show her some support while you are there.

What was your favorite part of this month's finds? Comment below.

Always Love💘

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