Thursday, February 21, 2019


Bad Days- we all have them. Some last longer than others but all equally an annoyance and a pain in the ass that I'm sure we would rather do without. It's so important that we take time out to care for ourselves- body, mind and spirit, otherwise we run the risk of a severe burn out or worse case scenario, slip into a depression.

Bad days are inevitable and no matter how hard we may try, we can't always avoid them. What we can do however is to have on hand self care tips we go to when these unpleasant moments occur. A number of things can trigger a bad day that one may not be aware of; these can be anything from pressures at work, dealing with an awful co-worker, a stressful relationship, friendship issues or even family drama. Physically, these things can take a toll with the onset of headaches and migranes to restlessness and having blood pressure issues. The need for self care can not be over-emphasized and many experts will recommend finding easy and simple things you can do to help you through those bad days.

I am no expert but when I've experienced bad days in my own life, I have come to know and identify the things that help me come out on the other side. Doing one or more of these things have always helped me and I hope that by sharing them here, they can maybe help you. So here are some self care tips for bad days you can try:

1. Journal - Writing down your thoughts and emotions can be therapeutic so use this to make some sense of how you are feeling.

2. Have A Cup/Glass Of Your Favorite Drink -  It could be wine, some hot cocoa, a sangria or moscato. Whatever it is you love, find that comfy spot in your home, relax and sip on your drink slowly while you process your thoughts.

3. Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows -  Take your mind off things by turning on your favorite episodes of Friends or The Big Bang Theory. A good hearty laugh is always an effective medicine to the soul.

4. Call Your BFF & Talk It Out -  Sometimes you just want someone to talk to and that's usually what best friends are for.

5. Dance Away Your Sorrows -  I particularly enjoy doing this because it's a workout for my body but at the same time immediately puts me in a good head space to think clearer about whatever problem or difficulty I'm having.

6. Take Walks -  This is always a good idea. The calmness of a quiet street or maybe even the hustle and bustle of the outside world could be just the thing you need.

7. Play Dress Up In Your Closet -  This is another thing I love to do on those days that threaten to send me over the edge. I sit in front of my closet, try on as many outfits as I can and imagine all the places/events I'm going to wear them to. What this does is allow me divert my attention away from something I may have no control over and do something I truly enjoy.

8. Indulge In Your Favorite Foods/Desserts - While this may not be the best for your waistline, it can be incredibly good for your soul. Home-made mac n cheese, red velvet cake or some vanilla bean ice-cream have been known to carry many a magical power to instantly lift the mood.

9. Listen To Podcasts/Audibles - Something uplifting, entertaining, light-hearted and fun to cheer you up sometimes can be just what the doctor ordered.

10. Good Ol' Fashioned Retail Therapy -  Works Everytime! Your wallet and bank balance may not be too happy afterwards but you sure will be, lol!

I hope these self care tips can help with some of your bad days. What are some that you can recommend? Please drop them in the comments. I may try them out myself.

Always Love💘

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