Saturday, February 16, 2019


Who doesn't love a good Pinterest board? With all the beautiful images plastered all over about literally everything under the sun, small wonder that it has become the go-to place for inspiration, motivation and encouragement.

Everything has become Pinterest worthy and I for one know that it is where I find myself going to pin images and blog posts (this one being no different) plus where I get fashion, home decor and makeup tips on a daily.

I didn't really actively start using Pinterest until last year when I started blogging and it is where I get about half of my readers from. With Instagram arguably being the leading social media platform today, in my opinion, Pinterest is a solid second on the list for visually stimulating content. Many times I get lost just clicking on images, saving them and always musing to myself how that's so pinterest-ing on every single image. So essentially if something is interesting to me, I take a picture of it, pin it on one of my many boards in the hopes that someone else somewhere will find the same thing interesting or inspiring and do likewise.

Who thought of this?Who figured out a way to use social media to make regular, everyday things so attractive and enticing that we are willing to put our whole lives on display? We have come up with how to make everything from food, exercise, travel, clothes and anything else so exciting that you will find over a million likes on a picture of a single egg as though we had never seen one before. Does anyone else think about stuff like this or am I the only one? These are just some of the random thoughts that float around inside my head. I usually don't voice them but here I am putting pen to paper, or in this case typing words on a laptop about to be released into cyberspace to compete with the millions more already out there.

I wasn't sure where I would go with this post today but isn't it so pinteresting that somehow I found my way here? Often times that's how life itself works. We never really know where it will take us but then we get there eventually. Life is just one giant Pinterest board filled with moments worthy of being captured by a camera. If I were to leave you with any piece of advice in this post, it would be for you to find those picture worthy moments in your own life, whatever they may be and celebrate them. Refuse and resist the urge to compare your board with any other and only be thankful that you even have a board to begin with.

What are some pinterest-ing things about you that you would like to share? I'd love to hear what they are...

Always Love💘

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