Saturday, February 9, 2019


The plan for today's post was to show you 5 outfit inspiration ideas for Valentine's day but that may have to come next week on the actual 14th. As usual, my photographer is somewhere living her best life!! So since this wasn't the plan, bear with me and enjoy another version of the "Lately I've Been Loving" post.

If I'm being honest, 2019 started out on a positive note and thus far, it's been going good still. I'm praying that things don't turn out like last year when it seemed like it was all turning to sh*t by the middle so fingers crossed that doesn't happen this time around. Last week I posted about Accessing Your Inheritance and it set the tone for me and how I've been falling back in love with certain things forgotten and even trying out one or two new things that lately I've been loving...

  • that feeling I get from listening to old school music - not Kool and the Gang type of old school but more like that B2K, Next and TLC sound that dominated the airwaves through out the late 90s and early 2000s. It's been refreshing to say the least to listen to music that takes me back to my 20s, to a feeling or to a moment in time.

  • being open to finding love again - I told you guys that I'm trying online dating this year and I'm being open to the possibility of really finding love again. Mentally and emotionally I'm in a much better place to receive that love I've been lacking for so long and I'm excited for what the future has in store. So if any of you have direct links to cupid, tell him I'm waiting😉

  • nurturing my relationship with God - will admit that I have neglected this aspect of my life in the past year but I need that to change in 2019. I love how I feel when I just praise and worship God so I'm loving all of the great praise and worship songs I've been downloading lately. They make my spirit smile and I'm at home in His presence.

  • mac n cheese, taco soup and dancing as a form of working out - I'm not very experimental with my food, neither am I a workout nut but mac n cheese (done right) is the truth! and after eating all of those carbs, my work out sesh is just to dance which is something I enjoy doing anyway. It's like Tay Swift says, I just shake it off!

  • my new minimal lifestyle - I still get that itch to shop everyday whether on or offline but I'm really proud of myself for how good I've been doing so far.
So much I've been loving lately and thankful for even much more. My outlook on life is a lot more positive and I'm intent on safe-guarding that fiercely.

What have you been loving lately? Love it when you share..

Have a great weekend guys!

Always Love💘

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