Thursday, February 7, 2019


It was probably the most talked about, anticipated and dare I say loved movie of 2018. Black Panther was more than just a movie, it was a movement and the first time an all black cast carried a film so excellently not to mention a black super hero that was relatable and aspirational at the same time.

The movie had the whole world just wanting to be a citizen of Wakanda and even though the fictional city had us all chanting "WAKANDA FOREVER", my fellow Nigerians did one even better. Instead of saying "What kind of...." when posing a question, we started saying "wa-kan-da" in its place. So borrowing the same expression for this post, I will share wakanda things I'm doing differently in 2019.

Some bloggers have already shared this in similar posts on their blogs so here goes mine:

1. Embracing Minimalism/Scaling Down:

If you are into fashion like I am, then shopping is very likely a challenge you struggle with too. I used to be a huge impulse buyer at one point before I graduated to just buying things I not only needed but wanted whenever I found myself in a store. This year, I'm being conscious about my spending habits and so far so good the only shopping I've done has been for my shopping finds on the blog. I am trying to be intentional about restricting my shopping till just then, allowing me the chance to embrace minimalism and scale down on my purchases. This is probably the hardest thing I'm doing differently because shopping is like an itch I feel the need to eternally scratch.

2. Saving My Coin:

Following up on my first point to embrace minimalism albeit a gradual work in progress, it has helped tremendously to save my coin. No more spending money the minute I make it because online stores like Shein and Amazon are perpetually opened on my laptop ready to grab like the ferocious pirhanas they are. I'm really working on curbing that trend this year.

3. Online Dating: 

I have declared that 2019 is the year I find love again. Haven't had much luck in the "organically meeting people" department and so because of that, I was talked into trying online dating like 2 years ago by one of my girlfriends who met her now husband on one of the dating sites. It has been an inconsistent 2 years for sure but I am yet to have the same luck as my friend but I'm optimistic and is one thing I'm putting my money towards this year. Let's see what happens!

Wakanda things have you started doing differently this year? It is just the 2nd month into the new year so if there is still something you want to do that you haven't begun to yet, now is the time.

Always Love💘

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