Thursday, February 28, 2019


In a way, I am referencing blog TBP aka The BloggerPoint run by blogger big sis, Maryam Salam but maybe not exactly in the way that you think. I mean let's face it, what's the point of blogging if it doesn't provide you with a sense of fulfillment? What's the point of doing anything that you are not passionate about?

Getting lost in today's world that demands adulting and responsibility, it is not a strange concept to find people doing whatever as the proverbial bacon needs to be brought home among a plethora of other financial responsibilities that beseige us. Faced with realities like this, where is the luxury of indulging a passion? Where is the time to pursue a love that burns so deep within?

I'm certain that many people (myself included) saw blogging as merely a trend that would soon pass not until blogs like Linda Ikeji Blog and BellaNaija proved that this was not just a fleeting trend unemployed people indulged in to pass time. One by one, more and more of us began to hop aboard the blogger train in the hopes of enjoying our passions and still securing the bag. Fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, food bloggers, travel and lifestyle bloggers from all over the world emerged, inundating our minds, eyes and senses with as many words and visuals as we could stand. In all of the pretty Chanel bags and perfectly edited food images, I find myself asking what's the bloggerpoint? Why am I a blogger and why do I enjoy reading blogs? Do I legitimately enjoying writing or was the desire to jump on the bandwagon my sole motivation? As quickly as I asked myself that question, I soon realized that a blogger isn't just a writer fulfilling a singular passion to write but a blogger is also a teacher and an educator. Bloggers are motivational speakers and therapists. They bring us information, provide entertainment and serve as inspiration for others and THAT I found to be what the bloggerpoint is.

Being creative is a fraction of the process to becoming a blogger. There must be a reason why you want to become one. Blogging is one of many ways to be creative and like other outlets, should serve a larger purpose even if you do it merely for the love of it. Some days I don't feel like writing/blogging but I do it anyway because:

1. I made a commitment to blog 3 times a week
2. Someone somewhere may be waiting to read what I have to write
3. You never know who will stumble across a post and if it is just what they needed to see that day
4. Writing does truly fulfill me and forces me to use my imagination and creativity in a manner that does not bore me.

So what's the bloggerpoint for you if you are a blogger yourself or someone who just enjoys reading blogs? What are you hoping to get from a blogger's content? Are you only interested in pretty visuals or does what a blogger have to say mean more to you? Hope to hear from you in the comments.

Always Love💘

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