Thursday, April 4, 2019


I personally require my quiet and alone time to re-centre and plug back in to my source. My immediate surroundings are somewhat chaotic at the moment and finding time to spend alone with my thoughts and emotions can be challenging.

I have had to find ways and moments to be by myself even if it is just for a few moments to breathe, journal or listen to my favorite song.

Being able to enjoy quiet and alone time means you have learned to essentially enjoy your own company and is something you genuinely look forward to. It really makes no difference whether you have a high profile or high stress job/career or are a stay at home mom working within your home office, life can get so stressful sometimes that the only way to make sense of anything is to unplug from the world and retreat into that solitary place where you go to reboot and re-fuel. It is so important to do this from time to time to avoid a mental or perhaps even an emotional breakdown.

For me most times, enjoying quiet and alone time could be when I'm taking a shower; I spend a little extra time in there just processing my thoughts or clearing my head before re-entering my reality. Other times, I wait till everyone has turned in for the night or when I'm doing my night time skincare routine. Those 20-30 minutes make all the difference and mean that my energy from that moment onward is positive, clear and one others want to be around. Sometimes, my quiet time comes when I'm doing these photoshoots/lookbooks that I enjoy so much. The process of styling clothes and getting dressed is an actual de-stresser for me.

If you are the type that constantly needs to be around a herd of people to function, this could prove quite unhealthy. It means that you feed off the energy of others and require it to survive because without it, you have no idea who you are as an individual. Who you truly are as a person, what your values and beliefs are can really only be determined in your quite moments.

There is no magic formula to enjoying quiet and alone time but you should treat these moments the same way you would any other important one in your life that you make time for. Schedule it the way you would a spa day or lunch date, which could coincidentally be where you do your mental de-cluttering, planning and prioritizing. Quiet time is part of self care and we already know how important that is. It is necessary for balance, focus and a thriving mental health status. In my opinion, denying yourself quiet and alone time is akin to denying yourself the right to breathe. Air is required for life and so is your quiet time. Plan for it, look forward to it and enjoy the moment when it comes.

Always Love 💘


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