Saturday, April 27, 2019


You would think that I would perpetually be in my mom's closet pulling clothes and accessories left and right on a regular basis but far from it. Don't get me wrong, my mom was the first fashionable woman I ever fell in love with and till today, she still is an epitome of style and elegance in my eyes even in her 60s.

However, rather than me in her closet, she is always in mine wearing everything from my tops and jackets to my skirts and dresses. It can be frustrating sometimes especially when I haven't even worn the item myself. This leads me to coming up with ways to hide my clothes from her which never requires much effort because my mom isn't the most patient person in the world when it comes to looking for stuff so I certainly use that to my advantage...L.O.L! So if yours is anything like mine and you need to know how to shop your mom's closet for a change, here's how you do it...

1. Pick items she has multiples of -  In all honesty, my mom has multiples of everything. Her closet is literally overflowing with dresses, tops, skirts, pants, natives etc. These jeans I poached from her stash because...why does she need them anyways?😛

The roll-up, distressed style isn't anything I think she should be wearing so I've gladly taken them off her hands. I wore it on a day out to the movies recently and paired them with a mustard yellow sweater, white sneakers and a printed bomber jacket. Chances are if she sees you rocking an item from her closet, she gets a sense that she's still in with the trends and that makes moms happy.

2. Select items that fit your personal style or the trends -  My mom and I have similar tastes which probably explains why she is always in my closet. So whenever I find things in her closet that I like, like this green jumpsuit, I literally jump at it. My mom is usually happy when she confirms that I like certain things she does too.

She eventually did give me this outfit and now it hangs joyfully in my closet. It was a gift my dad had gotten her a long time ago and I wore this once to church but paired it with my black flats as opposed to heels.

3. Search for items she thinks you will look good in -  Often times my mom thinks she can still critique my outfit choices and will go buy me something she likes believing I will like it too (moms always like to think we still take their fashion advice). Sometimes she's right and sometimes she's wrong but with this pearl exaggerated sleeve top, she was right.

She got me one in white for my birthday last year but I happen to like hers better.  I haven't worn it yet but I'm thinking I might for my niece's upcoming dance recital in a few weeks.

4. Go for the natives -  If your mom is african, then of course she's got a ton of native ankara, lace and other fabrics littered all over her closet. I've lost count of how many native pieces my mom has and from time to time I help myself to wearing a few like this purple maxi dress. My guess is that moms are always happy when they see us adorned in our native attires whether we live abroad or not and I'm sure prefer them to the crop tops, skinny jeans and barely there dresses we would rather wear.

It is so comfortable as you can imagine, the color absolutely pops and looks good on my skin tone. I thought it might look nicer with the waist cinched in so I added a small belt when I styled it recently for a photoshoot which you will get to see in an upcoming post.

These tips don't just apply to mom's clothes but to her jewellery, bags, accessories like scarves and brooches, shoes and even makeup. Yes, fashionable moms are notorious for sticking with the timeless makeup brands like Estee Lauder, Mary Kay and Mac. I hope these tips on how to shop your mom's closet have helped and will come in handy next time you find yourself rummaging through her stash of fashionable and stylish pieces.

Till next time.....

It's Always Love 💘


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