Thursday, May 30, 2019


Scarred from what 40 year olds probably looked like and talked like back in the day, how they dressed and carried themselves may explain why many of us approaching 40 are not looking forward to becoming a part of this 'members only club'.

Stuffy looking clothes, 80s style hair with zero identity separate from the titles of wife and mother, 40 then? Quite unattractive! But 40 now? we certainly have come a very long way from feeling the pressures to be silent in the room to roaring loud with a thousand voices and from suffocating under the masks of who other people want us to be to stepping into our truest and most authentic selves. We couldn't be any more different from our early predecessors so suffice it to say that 40! then and now...are worlds apart and thank God truly for that.

Back in the day, turning 40 was the same thing as being turned out to pasture and God forbid a woman was still unmarried by this age because she would pretty much be considered an old maid with zero chance of ever finding herself a husband. Because of this incredibly outdated outlook on aging, women turning 40 today may be accused of trying too hard to look like their younger counterparts with some even buying into the silly notion that 'younger is more beautiful'. This could very well be the reason why there has been such an explosion in the plastic surgery industry in recent years. Be that as it may, I happen to be of the opinion that more and more women are starting to know how to dress and take better care of themselves today than we once did and so turning 40 these days doesn't have to mean mentally or physically checking out of life. We are looking and feeling better about ourselves, are happier about growing older and remain thankful for the memories and experiences that our 20s and 30s provided.

More important than anything superficial are all of the life lessons we garner along the way, the life long friendships we make in our earlier years, all the love we have given, received and very likely also lost on this road to 40. This is the golden decade which signifies the perfect synchronicity of maturity and youthfulness to accept all that is coming next and the ability to still enjoy life to its fullest.

I plan to keep writing about and documenting my experiences within arguably what I believe will be the most magical decade of my life as they happen. Like I always say, aging is a gift and I do not take it for granted nor should anyone else for that matter.

How happy are you to be growing older? What things are you most and least looking forward to in your 40s? and when it comes to being 40 then and now, what are your thoughts on how things have changed or remained the same? Comment below..

Always Love 💘


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