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Fashion is always evolving, yet always somewhat repetitive. Fashionistas are always caught between trying to keep up with changing trends and maximizing clothes already in their closets all while trying to maintain a sense of their own personal style. With so many online stores to shop from, offering discounts and sales items, it can become incredibly frustrating trying to figure out how to maximize your closet to minimize online shopping.

Experts would definitely tell you to invest in basic staple pieces like a pair of jeans, a little black dress, a good blazer and a basic tee. I agree with all of these suggestions but how do you actually realize the full potential of the closet you have if you keep purchasing every new trend that pops up? Here is what I personally would recommend....

1. Browse through your favorite online stores to see what's trending and instead of making what you find another 'add to cart' purchase, pause and take a look inside your closet. You will be amazed that you actually have got the basics to build the perfect trendy outfit. Take for example this Off Shoulder Laser Cut Detail Button Front Dress.

I like the off shoulder ruffle detail on the dress and let that be the focal point of how I replicated the look.

The blue solid color, the brown sandals and straw purse all perfectly replicate the look above and this outfit had already been in my closet so I didn't need to buy the one online.

2. You already have an idea what your personal style is and chances are you shop heavily based on that so it's pretty easy to maximize your closet with what you already have sitting in there anyway. I liked this Tie Strap Frilled Tiered Floral Sundress because it perfectly resonates with my style aesthetic

I was drawn to the bright yellow color of the dress and let that guide what I chose from my closet. This is a great tip especially if there are multiple things you like about an outfit; focus on what you like the most and that helps with your closet maximization.

I opted to style my look a lot more casually and went with colorful flats rather than heels to show a more easy and wearable option if that's your style.

Perfect for laying out in the sun, at the park or on a picnic with friends.

3. Don't be afraid to take styling ideas from looks you like online. If you quite like the way an outfit is put together, you can recreate it using your own clothes for sure. That's what I did with this High Split Surplice Wrap Leopard Dress below.

I particularly love leopard print and so recreating this style with an outfit from my own closet was fun to do.

I even had a pair of drop earrings to match but my hair is obviously concealing it. That said, apologies for the rudeness of my 'girls'...they wanted to join the party and just would not stay hidden.

4. To add to point 3, feel free to put your own spin on an outfit to make it more wearable for you. For instance, if you feel like an outfit would look better without a certain piece but it wasn't styled the way you like, feel free to edit and just go with it. That was the case with this Off Shoulder Striped Bodycon Dress below.

I am not a hat person by any means and prefer not to wear them if I can avoid it. Plus, I actually believe this outfit looks better without it.

A scarf or bandana is usually what you might find me in as opposed to a hat which is how I styled my version of this look.

5. My fifth and final tip on how to maximize your closet is to be realistic about what will look good on you. I'm often guilty of falling into the trap of thinking that the way certain looks are styled will look just as good on me. You need to remember that sometimes these looks are put together for size 0s and 2s and will not look the same on your voluptuous size 14 body. Obviously, this Fruits Print Ruffle Hem Knot Wrap Dress looks good on the model.

I could also easily rock a wrap dress but I don't do mules. They do not look good on me and I also don't like them anyway.

I love combat boots and chose to style them with my wrap dress instead. I would wear this anywhere to be honest and feel absolutely confident at the same time.

The constant need to shop for something new can be exciting and intoxicating, trust me I know but buying something every other day or week just to keep up with'trends' is simply not realistic plus it does not fare well for our pockets. 8 out of 10 times, we already have outfits in our closets that can easily be styled to fit whatever the current trend of the moment is. If we just made use of some of the tips in this post, I'm certain that we could all figure out how to maximize our closets to minimize our online shopping.

                                            All Online Looks are from SHEIN

Any tips you can share on this topic is most welcome. See you next Saturday with another style post..

Always Love 💘


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