Saturday, May 4, 2019


On my instastories early last month, I posted pictures of being out at Frisco Mall with my sisters where I stopped at Forever 21 and Cotton On for my monthly shopping finds hoping to get my hands on some goodies at cheap and cheerful prices.

Happy to report that I was successful and so without further ado, here are the items I picked up for my shopping finds from forever 21 and Cotton On.

I can't tell you how much I absolutely love this store and how it comes a very close second to Charlotte Russe for me for all my style needs and wants. After browsing around to my heart's content, I made my way to the Clearance racks as per usual and found some amazing pieces at even more amazing prices.

I picked up 2 pairs of pants; a yellow corduruoy pair and a red wide leg pair. I had initially styled the yellow pants with a yellow shirt I got from Cotton On and my denim jacket to the movies as seen below.

The pants were on clearance for $6 as were all the other items and for the purpose of this post, I chose to style them differently with my Charlotte Russe blazer, a basic tee from Target and black sneakers (yes, I have a black pair I neglect for the white ones I wear all the danm time!)

The red wide leg pants might be my favorite of the bunch because it perfectly complements my personal style and may even be the style of pants I want to wear more of moving forward.

I decided to style it a little more formally with my silk burgundy turtle neck top that I've owned for years and black flats making it the perfect work wear look to the office, for a meeting and for that overall more grown up, put together look.

I also got a pair of dungarese that I was particularly excited to style but then I got home to try it on only to find out that the stupid thing would not go up past my thigh. I'm not discouraged though, I'm just going to have to lay off the brownies and ice cream for a while so I can fit into them.

It's a beautiful, rich dark pink color that I'm looking forward to wearing with different color t-shirts, sweaters and tank tops.

The final thing I got from forever 21 is this 3 tier gold necklace that have suddenly become all the rage. It goes with everything and I literally wear it all the time. Wear it with a casual, formal or semi-formal outfit without compromising on being trendy.

From Cotton On, I picked up 2 t-shirts in plain yellow(to keep up with the bright neon color trend for Spring) and black (which is always a classic).

I was watching World Of Dance recently and of course the stunning JLo was dressed to the nines like always. She had on a t-shirt, flaired leather pants and heels so I tried to replicate her look because I loved it so much.

Miss JLo is certainly a lot sexier and I tried my hardest to be sexy too but these ol' thunder thighs of mine would not let me be great!

My yellow t-shirt had already previously been styled as you have already seen but I decided on another styling option for a different look.

The skirt is actually green with the white polka dots design and was originally a maxi style that I had tailored to a midi length and from the pictures, I think it looks a lot better this way.

Hope you enjoyed this month's edition of my shopping finds from Forever 21 and Cotton On. These stores never disappoint on trends, style and affordability. So which was your favorite piece and how would you style them if you could? Comment below...

Always Love 💘


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