Thursday, May 9, 2019


These days, aging and growing older sounds more intriguing and exciting with sayings like '60 is the new 30' or '40 is the new 20'. I know that approaching the age of 40 for me is cool for very different reasons but truthfully, what does the new 40 look like?

It's probably difficult for many women approaching 40 to be constantly barraged and made to feel like they need to look younger than they are so they can feel as young as they once were. With creams that promise to banish wrinkles, makeup products that vow to tap into inner youth or workout regimens that aim to sculpt, lift and firm abs, boobs and butts, why is growing old or growing up (if you prefer) suddenly something we want to fix, slow down or these days, prevent altogether?

Aging in my opinion is a gift that many do not get the privilege of experiencing and so while many women (and men) may feel apprehensive about getting older, I welcome it. I believe that after going through all the heartbreaks with relationships and friendships, overcoming insecurities, fighting through emotional battles and pushing through over-bearing bosses in my teens, twenties and thirties, I'd like to think that I've earned the right to grow older. Entering into one's latter years could be met with some trepidation perhaps because goals have not been met or accomplishments reached and so growing older comes with feeling like a failure. It has very little to do with looks or body image but more to do with achieving milestones like career advancements, building businesses and starting families. I prefer to get away from the question of what does the new 40 look like and focus more on what it should be which is feeling confident and a sense of gratitude and appreciation for this new age of life.

Truth be told, my soon to be 40 year old body can no longer do some of the things it could when I was 20 or 21 and I'm okay with that. None of this is to say that we should 'let ourselves go' because we are getting older but I do not see the sense in wanting to reverse the aging process because we want to hold on to the illusion that we can be forever young. Workout to stay healthy and fit, wear makeup because it makes you feel good, stay modern with trends in fashion or technology because you enjoy it genuinely. This is what the new 40...50 or 60 should look like - gratefulness for experiencing the different decades of life and welcoming a new one with the same amount of thankfulness and grace.

What does the new 40 look like to you? Comment below...

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